How To See Deleted Messages On Discord? – Detailed Guide

How To See Deleted Messages On Discord – Detailed Discussion

How To See Deleted Messages On Discord? – Detailed Guide

Wanna know How To See Deleted Messages On Discord? Read know more.

Messages play a vital role in everyone’s life and why not, it has completely changed our life. We do not have to go to a person’s place every time we want to talk to them or tell them something. We can just text them instead of calling. You can do a lot of catch-ups with your friends or family through text messages. 

Messages are not only meant for entertainment purposes but they also have a very important role in any person’s job or business. If a person has a bakery business or any sort of food business then they get maximum order on messages through WhatsApp. People do their business on Instagram as well and get orders for their products through direct messages. 

Not only these but sometimes we also share important documents on text messages and sometimes a list of grocery items or any important list of things. Messages can help in the smallest things and also in the most important things.

Messages are not only done on WhatsApp or Instagram it is done on various other social media sites like Snapchat, tinder (I know it is a dating app but still you can do text messages there as well), discord, Facebook messenger, and many other apps. 

But it is only good until you lose those messages. What if a really important message got deleted? What if someone sent you a very important document and it gets deleted and now due to some reason they are not able to send it again? Okay, so now please do not panic. I am here to help you with this very particular problem.

Discord is also used by gamers for sharing their gaming details and stuff. They exchange messages, videos, audio with each other. They sometimes even decide their time for the next play session.

Some messages are that people send each other are hurtful and offensive as you can not stop anyone from texting, so the discord app is no different from any other social media app or part of the internet.

Although the people who use discord even if they do not play games are the general public, they are allowed to report these sorts of abusive messages that are amusing to someone else but not them.

But people who send abusive messages are obviously not fools, they delete the messages that they send within a fraction of seconds so that the other person can not take a screenshot of the message to report them. 

So, in this article, we will talk about the discord app and you will learn how to see and read the messages that got deleted on the discord app because so many discord users are looking for a solution to this. They are really interested in knowing how to have access to those deleted messages. We will teach you how to deal with the harassment as well. 

Can The Deleted Messages Be Seen On The Discord App?

Well, obviously once the sender deletes the message that he or she has sent you there is no official or you can even say that there is no legal way that you will get to see that message again. The twitter official account has confirmed this thing in 2018 by the discord’s engineers. 

Storing messages is not at all legal and is also against the privacy rules of discord. By storing messages you will be invading the other person’s privacy which is not allowed by discord to anyone. Internet reality chat which is also known as IRC in short form does not give permission to the owners to have access to the private communication of any user.

Due to these privacy policies provided by the discord app and Internet reality chat as soon as the sender deletes the messages that they have sent it is wiped off immediately from the servers of discord. 

What Other Way Is There To See The Deleted Messages On Discord?

To see the messages that were deleted after they were sent to you, there are four steps

  • First of all, you have to download BetterDiscord
  • Secondly, download MessengerLoggerV2
  • Enable the MessengerLoggerV2 by adding it to the plugins folder
  • Now, at last, open the logs by right-clicking on the server 

Now we will learn about all these steps in a little detail

Downloading Better Discord

  • You should know that via themes and plugins BetterDiscord increases the functionality of discord 
  • The themes and plugins can be downloaded through the BetterDiscord website which is –  https://betterdiscord.ap/
  • Once you reach the website you will see the option “download” click on that so that the BetterDiscord can be downloaded 
  • When you click on the download option you will have to choose an action, the screen will show three actions “Install BetterDiscord”, “Repair BetterDiscord”, and the last one is “Uninstall BetterDiscord”
  • We are here to download the BetterDiscord so you need to click on the option that says “Install BetterDiscord” action
  • Now just simply click on the “next” tab
  • You will have to choose the discord version now 
  • The three versions are “Discord”, “Discord PTB”, “Discord canary” 
  • You are using the normal discord so please do choose “Discord” 
  • After choosing just click on “install”. Once it is installed BetterDiscord will be automatically opened 
  • Now that you have successfully installed the BetterDiscord, click on the “x” sign to close that tab

Downloading MessageLoggerV2

  • This the plugin that allows you to see the deleted messages on Discord, not only the deleted ones but also the edited ones
  • The link to download the MesageLoggerV2 is 
  • Now click on the download option
  • You might get a warning that will say that this file can harm your device but do not worry, nothing will happen your file is absolutely safe, just click on the option that says “keep”  

Enable the MessengerLoggerV2 by adding it to the plugins folder

  • Now you need to add the MessageLoggerV2 to discord. So first of all, open your discord app
  • To reach your user settings you need to click on the gear icon
  • Now multiple options will appear on your screen at the left sidebar, that will include “user account”, “my account”, “privacy and safety” and many others 
  • Scroll down a bit and you will see the “BetterDiscord” header
  • Under this option you will see “plugins”, click on that 
  • The plugin library will be opened 
  • Now here in the plugin library, you will come across an option “Open Plugins Folder, simply click on that and the folder will open 
  • Wherever you have saved the MessageLoggerV2, open that particular folder 
  • Now click on the “drag and drop MessageLoggerV2” in the plugins folder and add to it
  • You will see a switch that will be just next to the MessageLoggerV2, click on that so that it can be enabled 
  • Now there will be a pop-up of missing libraries 
  • Click on the option that says “download”, so that the missing libraries can be downloaded 
  •  Again tons of pop-ups will appear and you will have to close it 
  •  Click on the “cancel” option as soon as you see a missing library pop-up   
  • Now only Xenolib and ZeresPlunginLibrary needs to be enabled 

Now, at last, open the logs by right-clicking on the server 

  • Now that you have downloaded and enabled everything you can very easily see the deleted and edited messages on the discord 
  • Navigate your mouse to the discord server where you would like to see the deleted messages 
  • Now just simply right-click on the name of the server that you chose above 
  • A navigation menu will appear on your screen with several options
  • From all those options choose “Message Logger”
  • This will take you to another navigation menu 
  • Select the option “Open Logs” and it will open the server’s log 
  • After this, you will see 4 tabs “deleted”, “edited”, “ghost pings”, and “purged” 
  • Click on the deleted tab and you will be able to see all the deleted message

You can also check the other tabs if you would like to see them. These will also show the date and time when these messages were deleted, edited, or purged. A lot of deleted messages will be shown to you if you are on a massive Discord server. You can also clear all the messages by clicking on the option “clear log”. 

How to deal With harassment?  

If while using the Discord app you feel like that a text has been sent to you and you feel that it is not appropriate and you feel uncomfortable so you can immediately report that. It goes for both – men and women. You will see a red-colored “report” button just click on that without any hesitation. This is through the phone. 

If you want to report someone from your laptop or computer then you need to write down the ids and send them to the discord team via a report form. You just have to copy the ID which can be available to you if you right-click on the user’s name. Just copy and paste it to a text document and save it.

Now go to the official request form and select trust and safety from the dropdown menu. You just have to enter your credentials and all the details that are mentioned there and then report your complaint. 

Final Words

I really hoped that this article helped you and if not please do read the article again and I am sure you will find a way to go through the process correctly and follow it and then see the deleted messages. Please do share this with your discord buddies. Feel free to ask any doubt related to discord. 

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