How To Send Videos On Discord Complete?(Guide 2021)

How To Send Videos On Discord Complete? (Guide 2021)

How To Send Videos On Discord Complete?(Guide 2021)

Are you looking to know How To Send Videos On Discord Complete? Read further to know more.

In this article, we show you how to send videos on Discord that are over the 8MB video uploading limit. Since most videos get above 10 MB maximum size when being uploaded onto one of their servers from an external location (like YouTube),

It becomes necessary for users who have exceeded these limits by accident or design alike in order not only to make sure there’s enough room left over but also to avoid any network congestion which could lead down a slippery slope towards termination with Youtube and other similar services.

We’ll go ahead now; explaining exactly what steps need to be taken – including providing links where applicable- before making use out our

In the wake of introducing their own particular video spilling stage, Discord has been extremely eager to separate itself from Twitch and other video recording stages.

In a similar way that Steam manages games yet not live recordings, Discord would prefer not to be seen as a site for spilling or sharing recorded content – rather, it needs its own particular community where you can co-wind up with your companions by means of voice or text chat.

Discord is a free cross-stage application that works splendidly on PC, versatile, and cell phones. You can download the application from the official site. 

How To Send Videos on Discord

Discord is a text and chats application that was created for gamers. Recently, it has grown in popularity even among non-gamers because of its many features like custom servers to host low latency voice chats with friends; the ability to integrate other popular platforms such as Twitter or YouTube directly into your Discord Account (this means no more waiting around for videos); lots of personalization options including emojis!

Even though the free version of Discord is great, it doesn’t allow for uploading videos that are larger than 8MB. So if you wanted to share a longer video with your server (a 10-minute video could easily be 100 MB), then unfortunately there’ll need to be another membership option available at an additional cost ($9).

Here’s how to share short videos on the Discord web or desktop app:

Step 1. Go to the channel or DM where you want to send the video

Step 2. Click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom-left corner next to the message input box, and click on ‘Upload a file’

Step 3. Navigate to the folder where you’ve saved the video file on your computer, and select it

Step 4. Add a comment along with your message if required

Step 5. Click on ‘Upload’

That’s it, this is how the video will appear in the chat once you’ve sent it

Discord can play any type of video, but only supports sharing movies in formats supported by the app.

If you want to embed a movie and make it playable within Discord on both desktop or mobile devices then FLAC files are suggested for use with this program’s feature set!

How To Send Videos on The Discord Mobile App

The process of sharing videos on Discord is similar both on Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Go to the server or inbox where you want to send the video
  • Step 2. Tap the image icon next to the message box
  • Step 3. This will open a small popup of your phone’s gallery. Next, tap on the file selector icon, as shown below
  • Step 4. Navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the video, and tap on it to select it
  • Step 5. Tap on the blue Send icon to send your video

You can also add a comment along with your video. However, unlike on PC when you attach a comment to the side of one of these clips in an email or social media post it appears as a normal message instead so be careful not to get lost.

The Advantage Of Sending Videos From Other Platforms on Discord

Discord is a great way to communicate with friends, whether they’re online or not.

One neat feature of Discord chat is that it embeds videos shared within the chat so you can view them right in-app! For example,

if someone sends me youtube links then we’ll have a small player popping up letting our members watch YouTube videos from any smartphone installed on their computer – no need for browser windows open when all your buddies are already hooked into chats just waiting for one more story before bedtime (or work time).

How To Send Long/large Videos on Discord (more than 8MB)

You can only send videos up to 8 MB on Discord, but if you want the most straightforward way to share larger files and longer videos with your friends then it might be worth considering buying a Nitro membership from the creators of this popular video chat platform. With their optional Service, they offer 100MB file uploads so that users don’t have too small an allowance for uploading content before being kicked out!

1. Compress Your Video File

The first method is compressing your video file to try and get it under 8MB.

However, note that this would only work if the original was just over 8MB or so- don’t bother going for anything higher than 15 MB because chances are you won’t be able to compress any longer without drastically reducing quality!

If your clip comes in at a more reasonable size but still has too much data then there’s always distributing files through Discord—you’ll need both a .rar/.zip extension as well as their associated programs installed on each end respectively before attempting though according to from personal experience doing things manually saves time when times call…

2. Upload Your Video To YouTube and Share The URL

You can publish your video to the web without worrying about file size.

However, note that you might not want to do this if it contains important information and you should also choose Vimeo or Streamable instead of Youtube for publishing videos on Discord since they embed URLs in chats allowing viewers within apps like Skype or Teamspeak (to name just two) view them while chatting with others inside these platforms too!

3. Upload Your Video To Google Drive/ Dropbox and Share The File URL

How To Send Videos On Discord
  • You can also upload your video to a file hosting service like Google Drive or Dropbox and then share the link on the chat.
  • This method varies from the previous one in that viewers will also be able to download the video to their own computer for offline viewing and editing.

Using a Phone or Tablet

Open the Discord app on your phone or tablet. It’s the purple icon with a white game controller inside.

Tap the chat or channel in which you want to send a video. You can upload a video to a channel or send it to someone in a direct message.

  • To send someone a direct message, tap the icon of two overlapping people at the top-right, tap the person’s name, and then tap Message.
  • To enter a chat channel, tap the three horizontal lines at the top-left, tap the server on which the channel resides, and then tap the channel in the channel list.

Tap the image icon. It’s on the left side of the typing area.

  • If it’s your first time sending a photo or video, you may be asked if you want to give Discord access to your photos. You’ll need to give full access if you want to send videos.

Tap the image icon again (Android only). If you’re using an Android, you should see a set of icons representing different types of files you can send.[3] Tap the image icon again so Discord knows to look at your phone or tablet’s gallery.

  • If the file is not in your gallery, return here and tap the icon that looks like a sheet of paper. This is the Files icon, and allows you to select files (including videos) to attach from other locations on your Android.

Tap the video you want to send. A preview will appear.

  • If the video is too large to send, you’ll see an error that says so. If you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you can send videos up to 50MB. If you don’t want Nitro, you can upload the video somewhere else (like Dropbox) and share it as a link, or just send it through an app other than Discord.
  • If you’re using an Android and are unable to select a video, open your Gallery app instead, select the video, tap the Sharing icon (a sideways V with three dots), and then select Discord. At that point, you can choose a channel or DM to send the video to.

Tap the Send button. It’s a blue circle with a white paper airplane inside. This sends the video to the selected user or channel.


If the video you want to share is too large for Discord, upload it onto a site like Google Drive or Dropbox. All these sites allow users to post links that will open up any uploaded files locally as well as within their own private messages on discord channels and groups.

Recently I found this great new app for sharing videos. You can upload your video on YouTube or another streaming site like Vimeo and share the link in chats, channels, or via social media without having to be verified! If you want more than 15 minutes of content uploaded at once then simply go ahead and get yourself verified so that they’ll let it stay up longer – just don’t forget about us little folk who aren’t famous yet

Video editing software like Handbrake and QuickTime can be great for reducing the size of video files.

  • Discord’s built-in player can play videos in the MP4, MOV, and WEBM formats. If the video is in a different format, the recipient may need to open it in a different app.

One of many ways to have a good time on Discord is by sharing videos. You can do this with your friends, family members, or anyone else you meet up there – it’s never too late for some catching up!

There are two different methods that might be useful: sending large files (up to 50MB) and subscribing into the Nitro service if someone has an uploading limit exceeding 8 MB but not enough space elsewhere; alternatively one could upload their own video onto another platform such as Google Drive before attaching links from cloud services like Dropbox & Dropbox instead

FAQ’s [How To Send Videos On Discord Complete]

Can You Send Large Videos On Discord Mobile?

In addition to text-based chat, Discord also offers video chats. These are perfect for people who want more interactivity in their conversations and the ability to share files with others on a file-sharing network that has been specifically designed from scratch just like Skype or Dropbox is! With Nitro accounts you can send up 50 MB worth of data while standard ones allow 8 MB per user – so make sure your content isn’t too large before uploading it onto this platform!

What Is The Longest Video You Can Send On Discord?

Discord can even do more than just chat.

If you’re looking for a place to host your videos and all the people who won’t see them, then look no further! You’ll be able to share files up to 8MB with users on this platform as well- perfect if there’s some large video that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere online like YouTube or Vimeo (but we don’t blame those sites).

And what good is sharing without recording?! Simply open Discord mobile app > tap+hold anywhere inside any conversation window until select “record” from menu pops out at the top right corner.


“How to Send Videos on Discord?” Now that you’ve read this article, there is a way for your video messages or clips from Utilize Imgur as an alternative if it’s larger than 8MB. To do so efficiently send videos under 60 seconds by utilizing the handbrake compressor and gain access through Nitro!

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