How to set up Zoom meeting in Outlook?

There are several ways to set up a meeting between Outlook and Zoom in the web interface, but the most common is to do it from the Meeting tab in your Outlook calendar, or from the Zoom web interface. If you want to do it from the Outlook interface, you can find the Zoom Meeting button by navigating to the Meeting tab of your Outlook calendar, clicking on the Meeting button and then going into Zoom.

Outlook has a built in feature called Zoom, which allows you to see and control your presentations and presentations from others in real time. This allows a group of users to have a better experience while participating in a meeting. If you want to set up a Zoom meeting, you can follow the steps below to get started.

Setting up a Zoom meeting in Outlook is as easy as clicking a button. In fact, the process is almost identical to setting up a meeting on your Outlook calendar.

Zoom and Outlook are two of the most popular productivity-oriented applications on the market, each in its own niche. During the epidemic, the former has been one of the most popular video calling alternatives, while the latter has been installed among the main email applications for some time. As a result, taking use of all of its characteristics at the same time may be a fantastic option for a variety of workplace settings. Today, we’ll teach you how to zoom in on a meeting in Outlook in a matter of seconds.

The first thing to remember is that, although most video conferencing and online dating services compete for the same customers, many of them also connect with difficult-to-avoid apps like Outlook or Google Calendar, which aid in organizing. However, although Calendar lacks a desktop app, Outlook does, which is why we’ll prioritize it.


Step-by-step instructions for setting up a Zoom conference in Outlook.

Zoom has a particular Outlook complement, which you probably didn’t know about. This was designed with two scenarios in mind: scheduling a Zoom meeting from Outlook and starting a Zoom meeting. The Outlook desktop client and the Outlook online app both have the add-in.

If you’re using the Outlook Desktop app, you’ll need to connect it to a Microsoft Exchange account. If you have an IMAP account, you will need to utilize the Outlook web interface at this period.

Using the desktop application

  • Zoom’s download page may be found here.
  • Zoom is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that lets you see what’s going on in your inbox.
  • You must close and reopen Outlook if it is currently open.
  • Install the Zoom plugin by running the MSI file in question.
  • When you click New, Meeting in Outlook, the Zoom app will launch.
  • Set all of the information there, and they’ll be uploaded to the Outlook client after you’re done.

Web version of Outlook

  • Zoom may be downloaded through the Microsoft Store.
  • Select Get If Now or Get Now from the drop-down menu.
  • Before selecting Continue, fill in your account details.
  • Open Outlook calendar and choose New event from the drop-down menu. Optional extras
  • When asked, click the Zoom button and allow the window to open.
  • Log in to your Zoom account and set up all of the virtual meeting’s information, including the date and hour.


This Zoom add-in for Outlook Desktop adds details to the online meeting invitation message automatically. If you wish to schedule a meeting, be sure you have the appropriate Zoom desktop software for the job. This is the first step that you must persuade yourself to take.

Everything gets simpler later on since you can program from Outlook. To put it another way, you don’t have to go back to Zoom or anything. This information will be filled in by the plugin in question. Of course, you can only plan one meeting using Outlook Web; you can’t start a new one.

If you deal with Microsoft and Zoom often, you may be interested in learning how to integrate Zoom into Teams.

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If you haven’t setup a Zoom meeting before, you can do it from Outlook. It’s a free service for meeting participants to make it easier to connect, communicate and collaborate in meetings. To set up a Zoom meeting in Outlook, you’ll want to follow these steps.. Read more about zoom outlook plugin not working and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup a Zoom meeting in Outlook?

To setup a Zoom meeting in Outlook, first open up the Calendar app on your computer. Next, click on the Zoom icon and select New Meeting. Then enter your meeting details and click Save.

How do you set up a zoom meeting?

You can set up a zoom meeting by going to the Zoom Meeting tab in the settings menu.

How do you send a zoom calendar invite in Outlook?

You can send a zoom calendar invite in Outlook by going to the Calendar tab and clicking on Invite people to an event.

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