How to turn off an iPhone Very simple!

iPhone is a great technology that can do a lot of things, however, some things it can’t. For example, if you would like to turn it off, you can’t. If you are thinking why? Well, unfortunately iPhone doesn’t allow you to turn it off. This is very annoying.

If you’re like me, you probably like to take your iPhone with you when you go out and about. But sometimes you might run into a situation where you don’t have your iPhone and you need to quickly turn it on or off. I know that there are a few ways you can do it and I’ll show you the best way to do it.

To turn off your iPhone, just double-click the side button and go to Settings. Scroll down and you will see “Do not allow calls or notifications while driving”. If you have “Do Not Disturb” then uncheck it. Now you will have to set up an Activation Lock PIN, and enter it correctly. If you have enabled “Find My iPhone” then you need to delete the Activation Lock settings again.. Read more about how to turn off iphone without screen and let us know what you think.

Knowing how to switch off an iPhone is essential for a variety of reasons. It may seem straightforward, and it is. Many individuals, however, are unsure how to switch off their mobile phones.

In today’s post, we’ll look at how to properly switch off your phone, either via the device’s physical buttons or through the same iOS setup settings.


When we need to swiftly and easily switch off an iPhone, we should use the device’s power button, which is a physical button on the device. Depending on the iPhone model, there are a few different ways to accomplish this.


  • With the start and side buttons, press and hold the side button for a few seconds until a sliding instruction comes on the screen, allowing us to switch off the device.
  • We keep the top button pressed until the scroll bar comes on the screen with the start and top buttons.
  • We’ll have to press and hold the side button, as well as the volume down or volume up buttons, for a few seconds until a cursor shows on the screen if we don’t have the home button.

A cursor will show in any of the three instances, stating “Slide to turn off.” We just put our finger on the white circle and slide to the right side.

The gadget will instantly and fully switch off from this point on. We must proceed as normal to reactivate it.

From the iPhone’s settings, you may turn it off.

The setup choices are another method to turn off an iPhone. The first step is to go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.

General menu.

We’ll need to move to “General” after we’re in the settings area.

Turn off the iPhone.

We’ll scroll down on the “General” page until we find the “Disable” option.

Slide to turn off.

The “Slide to turn off” bar appears at the top of the screen when we touch on it. Place our finger on the left-hand symbol and drag it to the right.

After that, the device will begin the shutdown procedure, which is quite fast.


With two very easy ways, we already know how to switch off an iPhone. But how are we going to ignite it? This is, without a doubt, a really essential and straightforward matter.

To do so, just press and hold the device’s top or side button until the Apple logo displays on the screen. After a few seconds, the phone will boot into the operating system, and we will be able to use the lock screen.

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Sometimes you may want to mute the iPhone’s sound, but don’t want to turn it off. With a few taps you can mute the iPhone, but continue to receive unread messages and make/receive calls, but you won’t hear the buzz of the phone in your pocket. Or maybe you just want to play a game in silence, but still want to keep the music playing? Here is how to turn off an iPhone very simple!. Read more about how to turn on iphone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn my iPhone off without the power button?

You can use the volume up and down buttons to turn your iPhone off.

Can you really turn off an iPhone?

Yes, you can turn off an iPhone.

How do I turn off iPhone with buttons?

The easiest way to turn off your iPhone is by pressing the power button on the top of your phone.

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