How To Turn Off Discord Notifications? [Guide 2021]

How To Turn Off Discord Notifications? [ 2022]

How To Turn Off Discord Notifications? [Guide 2021]

Wanna know How To Turn Off Discord Notifications? Read further to know more about it.

When you continuously receive notifications while you are at work or doing your job or studying or doing anything important and you want peace and silence, you do not want anyone to disturb you, then receiving notifications is the most irritating thing that happens.

Yes, you can even put your mobile phone on silent but what if an important call comes? Or what if the screen pops up with the notification, again and again, you can silence its volume but can not remove the light. And of course, just because of an app’s notification you will not switch your mobile off. 

Every app has notifications. So the solution to this issue is that you can turn your notifications off. The most irritating time is when you are busy and you keep getting notifications from social media apps. Turning off notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or any other app is really very simple. You just have to go to the settings app and turn off the notifications of any app you feel like. The technical one is the Discord app

How to Turn Off The Notifications Of The Discord App

Discord provides so many features for disabling the notifications, both narrow and broad. Notifications can even be disabled for a particular server or a particular person. You can even turn off any sort of icon of notification or sound. 

You can turn off the notifications through your desktop app for PC and Mac, and for iPhone or Android, you can use your mobile phone.

You have two options if you want to turn off notifications from a specific user:

Well, the first one is if you are too much annoyed by a person and do not want to talk to him or her in the future and want to cut all ties then you can directly block them. By blocking them you will not receive any notification from them.

If they will mention you anywhere, or if they text you anytime, then it will hide your message and you will have to click a button “Show Message”, then only you can see their message otherwise not.

So if you want to block anyone then just right-click on their username and then there will be an option that says “Block”, click that and they will be blocked. This is the method if you have to block them on the desktop.

If you have to block someone through your mobile phone then you have to tap on their username and then you will see three dots at the menu that appears at the top right corner. Now there you will see the option of “Block”, so just click that. 

If you do not want to go this far by blocking or you think that you will regret it after some time so you can simply mute them. This will not stop them from messaging you or mentioning you but when they do any of these things you will not receive any notification. 

If you want to mute another user as well then it can only be done in the desktop app. You have to open your private messages through the desktop and on their name which will be on the left sidebar, do the right-click.

You will see an option “Mute” on the drop-down menu click on that and you will have an option that will show you sometime, so you can select from there for how much time you want to mute that person, the same way you get the options on WhatsApp when you mute someone. 

How to Turn Off Notifications For a Particular Discord Channel

You will not receive any notifications from the messages inside of it if you mute a specific channel. If any person mentions you, a red notification dot will appear next to it, however. 

On desktop:

  • First of all, you have to enter the server that has a channel and you want to mute that 
  • Now open the channel 
  • In the app that is on the desktop, on the channel’s name do the right-click and you will see “Mute Channel”, so just select that option 
  • Then from there you can choose the time period that for how long you want to mute that channel 
  • If you want to mute a channel indefinitely then you can press the bell icon  

On a mobile phone: 

  • You have to tap and select the channel’s name in your mobile app at the top of your screen and then in the menu, a bell icon will appear, click on that too
  • Now you will get the time period that for how long you want to mute that person or you can even choose that whether you just want to be notified about when they mention you somewhere 

How to Turn off Notifications For a Specific Server 

If you mute a whole server then every channel inside of it will get muted automatically. So let us see how to do that 

On desktop:

  • You have to find that server whose notification you would like to mute in your server list and then right-click on it 
  • You will see an option of “Mute Server”, just select that and then select the time period for how long you would like to mute that server  
  • Now from the menu that will pop up on your screen select the option that says “Notifications” 
  • On the next page, at the top of it, you will be able to see a mute option so just tap and select that and also you have to choose that for how long you will keep that server muted 

Now let us learn how to disable all the notification sounds and the desktop alerts that disturb you while you are working 

On desktop:

  • At the bottom left of the application window click on the gear icon to open your settings 
  • On the left there will be a sidebar, click on the “Notifications” option 
  • A host of different options will be brought up by doing this. From here you can turn off the desktop alerts (the alerts that you get whenever someone sends you a message)  and notification sounds 

Let us learn some things about Discord 

So Discord is basically another social media platform where people can talk through text messages, voice calls, video calls. People can stream their games and even screen share with their loved ones.

Anyone can create servers and get a crown in front of their name. Channels can be created and informative messages can be provided to the general public. Anyone can use Discord to be in touch with their friends and family and enjoy themselves. 

No particular algorithm is decided for the Discord app such as what to see, how much to scroll (you can scroll as much as you want), no news feed. People who are willing to do the same things can be in touch regularly and enjoy themselves.

All the conversations that take place are opt-in, people have total control over to whom they talk and have conversations with. There are very large communities that are made on the Discord app. People love Discord apps as it allows them to keep in touch with everyone they feel like. 

If you are using that app and not able to see properly then also you can zoom in on your screen.

As I told you, Discord has the feature of servers as well as channels. Discord servers are spaces on Discord. They make groups and communities for the general people to engage. You can create your own server and you will get many privileges like you can add color to your name and much more because you are the admin of a server.

Creating a server does not cost even a single penny, it is absolutely free of cost. You can even invite your friends to your server and share the stuff that you do there with them. Discord channels provide voice and text channels both, which have different rules and are also devoted to some specific topics. 

If you are a regular Discord user then you might have noticed that so many people have added color to their usernames and made them look cool and attractive. You can also add color to your discord username which is super easy to do. Millions of active users are on Discord. Using color on your username can attract anyone’s attention which is absolutely true


So in this article, you have learned a lot about discord features and also how to turn off notifications in several ways. All the methods were explained step by step, but still, you were not able to do it so just take a break and then please do read again carefully and try once again.

Feel free to ask any questions. I hope you liked the article. Do not forget to share it with your Discord mates, it might help them to clear their doubts. 

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