How To Write Using Voice On Android Simple!

How to Write Using Voice On Android Simple! I’m sure that everyone uses Google Voice at least sometimes. Voice search on Android is a very useful feature, and it’s a lot easier to do with the handy voice command application, Voice Search and Voice Assistant. This is a great way to get your point across faster when writing an article, email, or text message.

One of the biggest problems with Android and mobile devices in general is the lack of voice dictation. Sure, there are a number of apps that can do this, but they are far from perfect. Voice dictation is a huge boost to productivity, and yet until recently most developers have not really pursued it, focusing instead on flashy features like the Note 8 stylus and the new 360-degree camera for pictures.

There are a lot of applications on the Google Play Store that allow you to use voice dictation on your Android phone. There are also a lot of people who are using voice on their Android.  This is an app that is used by both of these groups.  This app allows you to use voice to write on your Android phone.  This application will allow you to use your voice to write on your Android phone.  This application will allow you to use your voice to write on your Android phone.  This app is free.. Read more about how do i activate voice to text on android? and let us know what you think.

We often have to reply to a message when we are late or have a busy schedule. Then sending audio would be the greatest option, even if we don’t enjoy or feel comfortable doing so. In these situations, we may use Android’s voice input to write.

You may narrate the text you wish to transmit, and it will be transformed instantly. We’ll utilize the Google Gboard keyboard’s voice-to-text feature to do this.

On Android, you can write with your voice.

Although the overwhelming majority of keyboard applications have the ability to voice type, we’ll be utilizing Gboard for this tutorial. Obviously, depending on the program, the method for activating the feature will differ.

The first step is to download and install Gboard from the Google Play Store, then configure it as our mobile device’s default keyboard.

By default, the ability to write using voice should be enabled. However, we will need to double-check it before proceeding with the tutorial.


We’ll need to enter a text box to show the keyboard in question in order to validate it. We access the keyboard settings by clicking on the gear-shaped symbol that appears at the top.

Now we must go to the settings menu and choose “Voice input.”

Activate the function to be able to dictate the words.

The first thing we’ll need to do is turn on the switch at the top of the screen. We may continue with the instruction after it has been enabled.

Tap the microphone icon.

Now we need to re-enter a text box, which may be anybody. The goal is to display the keyboard on the screen. The microphone-shaped symbol in the top right corner of the keyboard is selected.

Authorize the voice function of Gboard.

If this is the first time we’ve activated the microphone, we’ll be prompted to approve it. To do so, we’ll need to choose “While I utilize the program.”

How to write with voice on Android

Once we’ve done that, we’ll need to hit the microphone symbol once again to enable the feature.

We may now write using voice instructions, which will be automatically converted to text. Obviously, you must talk clearly, modulatingly, and as loudly as possible so that he can fully comprehend what you’re saying.

We may modify the text after we’ve spoken it in to make sure we’ve typed exactly what we intended to convey.

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Voice-activated devices, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s HomePod, are quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. If you are new to voice search, or just want a primer on how to write using voice on Android, this blog post is perfect for you.. Read more about android voice to-text commands and let us know what you think.

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