How To Zoom in on Discord

How To Zoom in on Discord in 2022

How To Zoom in on Discord

Looking to know about How To Zoom In On Discord? Read further to know more about it.

Do you have weak eyesight? Have trouble seeing small words or sentences on your desktop? Or you just do not want to put a strain on your eyes and make them weak? Well, in any case, you do have a solution. You can zoom in on your screen and see clearly whatever is written on it. 

We all are aware of a very popular and well-known app named Discord. So if you are using that app and not able to see properly then also you can zoom in on your screen. The steps and method of zooming in on the screen are explained well in this article. Not only this but various features of Discord are also explained in this article. 

We will study the Discord app and its features later in this article. First, let us learn the main thing and that is how to zoom in on Discord. You will also learn how to zoom out on Discord and also how to go back to the normal zoom of the screen that is the default zoom of Discord. 

Default Zoom of Discord

The default chat group and messages fone for the Discord app is already set to 16 PX and the zoom level of Discord is already set to 100. But this can be changed according to your choice and will, whatever feels comfortable to your eye and visibility. It is totally up to you. You can resize the screen and font that suits your eye really well and that does not put a strain on your eye or visibility. 

Learning How To Zoom in on The Discord App

Well, it is well-known that zoom in means to make the screen look bigger and easily visible to the eye. The steps which are given below can be used to zoom in on the Discord app, firefox, google chrome, and some other browsers too. So let us learn how to do that:

  • First of all, you have to open your Discord dashboard
  • Now you have to press two keys from your keyboard simultaneously and those are CTRL key and then you have to oppress the + sign so that the screen can be zoomed in.
  • You can press the + key as much as you want, like of course to that extent when you can easily see what is written on the screen without putting any strain on your eye. 
  • The mouse scroll up can also be used to zoom in the screen on the Discord app instead of the + key

Learning How To Zoom out on the Discord app

In this case, also we all know that zoom out means to make the font of the screen smaller. Here also the same procedure or steps have to be followed and instead of + key you have to press the – key. This zoom-out feature can be used when by mistake you zoomed in a bit more, so now it is too big and you want to make it smaller. 

  • Firstly open your Discord dashboard 
  • With the help of your keyboard press the CTRL button and then the – key. As many times you will press the – key the font of the screen will keep becoming smaller. 
  • As in zooming in we used to scroll up the mouse instead of + key here in the zoom out feature you have to scroll down the mouse instead of – key to make the text look smaller 

On your browser, you get an option of zoom and from there you can select the zoom size that you want to keep. There are three dots in google chrome click on that, you will see an option that says zoom, now click + or – to make the screen bigger or smaller, whatever suits you. 

Resetting Discord zoom level to default

Some people after they zoom in or out of their screen are not able to reset the screen size that was by default i.e, they are not able to bring back the original size of the screen. 

The Shortcut key is the easiest and the best way to reset the screen size i.e, bring it back to its original default size after zooming it in or out. The shortcut key that can be used for this process is CTRL + 0 (zero). You can use this shortcut key on both Discord web as well as Discord app. 

How to manage Discord text size and gap?

There are several Discord users that want to reduce the text size and have challenges with Discord small text. To make it easier to read on the chat screen you can even use the Discord name color. 

There are various inbuilt features that are provided by Discord for font and that can be managed in the appearance, they are:

  • Level of zoom
  • Pixels or you can also say them chat font scaling 
  • Space between groups of messages or you can even call them pixels  

Let us read and understand them briefly. 

So the first one level of zoom or zoom level: Well, you have already read about them in the above sections. But in case you missed it so let me tell you again that Discord provides an option through which you can set your Discord zoom level of the screen according to your will. 

The second one is Pixels or you can also say chat font scaling: This means that the chat font size can be set from the chat font scaling in pixels. If you want to know what the default size of the chat is then here it is – 16 PX. If you want to increase or decrease the chat font size then you do it through Discord chat font scaling. 

The third one is Space between groups of messages or you can even call them pixels: For better readability of the readers this is distance or space or gap between the chat of two users in Discord. This is also set to 16 PX by default. If you have any issues with the by default size then you can set it to 24 PX so then it will be better for your readability. 

How To Manage The Discord Gap and Text Size

The things that we read in the above section is easy if you are already familiar with the step that they include but if not then need not worry here are the steps given below: 

  • First of all, open your Discord dashboard 
  • Now you have to click on the gear icon of the user settings, this will be at the bottom of the left-hand, besides your username
  • Click on the option that says Appearance from the left-hand panel of the Discord settings, you have to scroll down a bit for that option  
  • Now from the appearance settings, you have to scroll down a bit to the accessibility option, and by clicking on this option you find all the above things 

The slider can also be used to increase or decrease the size of the pixels and once you are done with this process then to check you can go back to the Discord chat screen and can clearly see the changes. 

A little bit about Discord

Discord is an app for both the general public as well as gamers. It is a digital distribution platform. The general public can do text messaging, voice calls, and video chats with their close and loved ones and the gamers can stream their games and can screen share the thing that they are doing at the moment with their team members or with anyone they feel like. 

They can also create servers and can invite others to their servers. Some people even create channels and share information with the rest of the public. The news that they share is like a raid that happened or any event that is happening. 

People are so fond of getting engaged and having fun with other people or their friends and family that they spend so many hours talking to each other on this app. They keep themselves busy and entertained. Everyone enjoys each other’s company. People love to hang out on Discord as it is a community for people. 

They spend time with each other and talk about so many things like art, politics, mental peace, emotional support, and whatnot. People create chat rooms so they can talk freely about whatever they feel like and do not feel uncomfortable. Discord is available in 28 languages. 

The basic Discord font that is used all over the platform is “The Uni Sans font”. Discord has the ability to run on various platforms like Windows, android, ios, macOS, iPad OX, Linus, and several web browsers. There are more than 145 million people who are actively using Discord in 2021. 


In this article, we learned a lot of things about the Discord app and its features that are super useful and cool. Everything was explained well and step by step. I hope you got all the points that I wanted to say through this article about Discord. 

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