Hulu Not Working On LG Smart Tv ( Expert Guide 2021)

Hulu Not Working On LG Smart Tv in 2022

Hulu Not Working On LG Smart Tv ( Expert Guide 2021)

Looking for ways on Hulu Not Working On LG Smart TV? Read further to know more.

Hulu is a streaming service where you can watch unlimited TV episodes and movies on your computer, mobile device, or even through some of the Roku devices. If you’re not sure how to use these new-fashioned gadgets called “streaming sticks” then don’t worry because our helpful article will teach you all about them.

You may have just purchased a new LG smart TV and wanted to access Hulu or Netflix on it. Well, good news! You can watch both of them using an app called “Hulu Plus” which is available for free on Android, iOS & Roku devices as well.

There are a number of reasons why Hulu might not work on your LG smart TV. For one, it can be difficult to download the app and install updates without network access or an internet connection – which isn’t always available in certain parts of households with older models like mine! It also depends on what kind you have as well.

Are you having trouble with Hulu not working on your LG Smart TV? If so, then this article will give full instructions for troubleshooting.

If you’re having problems with Hulu not working on your LG TV, then this guide is for YOU! All the steps are easy and simple.

We will walk through them to make sure that whatever problem plagues your connected device can be solved by following these instructions exactly as they say in order to resolve any issue related to streaming services such as Hulu:

Hulu does not work on LG Smart TV

If you’re having trouble with Hulu not working on your LG TV, don’t worry because there are many problems that can be fixed. For example, the app doesn’t work and won’t open at all or if it does it crashes shortly afterward – this issue seems common among other smart TVs too! But fear not; we have a quick fix for these issues which isn’t very time-consuming to implement either so keep reading below

Some of these problems are listed below so you can better understand how they could be eliminated:

  1. The Hulu application doesn’t work on an LG Smart TV.
  2. Hulu works on LG TV only.
  3. Hulu does not load on an LG Smart TV.

Causes of Hulu Not Working On Roku

There are two possible reasons why Hulu would not work on your Roku device. The first is that the problem could be in either yourself or with the application, so check both!

  • The Hulu servers could be down and it would not just affect you. Every single user of the service will have an issue as well, including yourself.
  • One of the most common causes for slower internet connections is a service outage in your area or an issue with either modem or router.
  • You can troubleshoot these issues by making sure all equipment has power and checking that there are no obstructions (such as wires blocking the signal). If you don’t have access to any tools at home then try restarting everything one last time before leaving – especially if it’s been hours since giving up on trying resolving things yourself.
  • The problem could also be, simply put, with the show you’re trying to watch. Sometimes a show will not play because you don’t have a specific type of connection or device – such as only being able to watch on.
  • The issue could lie in the software of Hulu itself. As with most other apps, it is sometimes updated and you might not know when this will happen again until after updating your phone or tablet.
  • It’s possible the app is fine, but your Roku needs an update. This is much less likely than crashing or not loading properly- it can happen though.
  • If the device does not need an update, but you’re having trouble with your Hulu app on a Roku that is older than 3-years old.

Troubleshooting Hulu Not Working on Roku

Now that you’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps below, let’s take a look at some solutions. Most likely your issue can be resolved by following these simple instructions to fix what is causing it in your system.

1. Check If You’re Using a Supported Device

If your Roku device is too old, it won’t be able to support Hulu anymore. This happens in rare circumstances and only affects those with very outdated units.

In this case, it is not possible to fix the Hulu app on your Roku. However, there are other ways of streaming content from them such as using a different device or an online browser extension for firefox.

To find out if you’re compatible with Hulu, head on over to their website and check for a list of supported devices there.

2. Check Hulu and Roku Servers

There are many ways to keep yourself updated about what’s going on with services like Hulu. Downdetector, for example, will let you know if the streaming video website is down or not by monitoring its availability rates in real-time and alerting users accordingly through their site interface (Downdetector).

There is a chance that the problem you’re experiencing may be due to something other than what Hulu provides. If this happens, then we recommend verifying your internet connection and router settings with an external source before moving forward in case there’s any issue during the installation or setup of our service on either device.

The same idea applies if a particular show won’t load. You can diagnose this issue by simply trying another, or future episode of the program you want to watch later on in order for it does not to affect your browsing experience too much- just don’t forget that some services only work when they’re being watched.

3. Check your Internet Connection

It seems that if the internet in your area is down, then you won’t be able to watch anything on Hulu or any other streaming service with an active connection.

If you’re having problems with net access, it could be that your modem or router isn’t working properly. You might need to reset the device and retry accessing websites again as well as any apps on there – this should help!

A mass outage would also cause these types of issues- make sure everything is connected securely at all times because if one part goes out then others may Stories upside down too without us knowing until it’s too late.

You can use the following steps to check the status of the connection from your Roku:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Network
  • Open Check Connection
  • The indicator will inform you of the strength and stability of your internet connection as it is perceived by Roku.

In both situations, you can simply reboot your connection point. To do that remove it from the supplied power outlet for about 10-15 seconds then plug back in and give a few minutes to reconnect before trying the Hulu app again if possible.

4. Update the Hulu App

The issues could be related to your device’s Hulu application. The most common problem is that you need an update for the app on it so make sure this gets checked first.

The issues you are experiencing could be due to the Hulu app on your device. This mainly includes needing an update, but there may also be some other factors at play here as well.

To update the Hulu app on Roku, simply highlight it and choose “star” to utilize their automatic check for an updated version.

5. Contact Hulu Customer Service

If you are still experiencing problems after trying all of the above solutions, we recommend reaching out to Hulu’s customer service department.

Reporting your problem will allow them to help troubleshoot technical solutions for a quicker turnaround time on fixing it! You could also visit their community center where other users have reported similar issues in order that someone there can give feedback or assist further if necessary.


Some problems with Hulu not working on Roku are simple to fix, otherwise, it’s likely that the issue lies outside your control.

If you’re having trouble streaming Hulu on your Roku device, try resetting or updating the app. If that doesn’t work and things still aren’t working as they should with any of these solutions then we recommend calling in for help.

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