Ibai Llanos Speaks Out

The salary of popular Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos was leaked to Twitch. The platform was widely adopted by the streamer, and he sent out a message to his millions of followers urging them to join live streaming.

The hacker’s data let out by him led to him raising $2.3 million. Twitch, a popular streaming site since 2019, was shared with humor on Twitter. Changing his password “GokuNarutoCristianoRonaldo” hurts the most.

It wasn’t just a joke. He took the opportunity to make a rallying call.

Ibai said that only one is available and will not be made. Real money is not what you are earning. This happens in one of every two billion cases.

He wanted young people to know that Content Creators aren’t abandoning their education for the sake of their careers.

It’s not possible to quit your job. You still work every day because your job is mechanical. This was demonstrated by Ibay’s Ibay example of tanizin. A bullish streamer, Maine Craft’s Turtleland Series. But you don’t quit your job because your job’s always there.

Ibai stated that Ibai sees many people obsessed with streamers. You think that the millionaire rock streamers on Twitch are insane. This is all a fabrication.

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