iiTzTimmy Pokes fun At L-Star Nerf

iiTzTimmy, an Apex Legends player, criticized Respawn Entertainment for nerfing the L-Star, arguing that it is still overpowering despite the adjustments.

Apex Legends, like its other battle royale competitors, has had a few issues with things being overpowered in-game, which has irritated players to no end. Because the majority of the attention is on the legends’ powers, OP weapons aren’t always at the top of the list of player complaints. Though, that’s not to say that they get ignored as OP weapons are updated as frequently as legends. 

While some fans claim that the L-Star was nerfed “to the ground” following the Evolution Collection event update, but Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy wasn’t so sure. 

The Apex star iiTzTimmy was looking through the patch notes and checking out the recent weapon adjustments during his September 18th live broadcast, voicing out his opinions on what Respawn had adjusted. Some viewers pointed out that the L-Star had been substantially nerfed when he got to it, but he wasn’t having it, demolishing the shooting range targets with accuracy and taking shots at the nerf. 

iiTzTimmy sarcastically stated as he dished out headshots on the dummies; “Wait, it’s nerfed? What can I do now that the L-Star nerfed. Chat, I have no idea what I can do now. I can’t pick this gun up anymore! I really can’t, it’s so bad. It’s still OP.” 

Granted the buff given to the Shatter Caps hop-up, the streamer concluded that the Bocek Bow benefited the most from the improvements as he tested them out. Of course, Respawn is always considering modifications, so the L-Star may have to be re-evaluated, especially if it hasn’t been nerfed as much as some speculated.

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