IlloJuan Has One Million Twitch Followers

Along with ElXokas, Ibai Llanos, Auronplay, and ElRubius from Mijas, IlloJuan is in the top five list of Spanish-speaking creators.

He signed a contract with PlayStation Spain to work on various projects, and from there he began to stream professionally on Twitch, Amazon’s live video platform.

I’ll let the figures speak for themselves. On Twitch, he surpassed one million followers in 2021. ElXokas, Ibai Llanos, Auronplay, and ElRubius, all from Mijas, are among the top five Spanish-speaking creators with 1.6 million followers.

IlloJuan was born and raised in Fuengirola, where he has spent the majority of his life. He played ‘Er Kike’ in Marbella Vice, a Spanish version of the video game GTA, in 2021. Adrián Maldonado (SpokSponha), who played Wanillo Kokunero, has also worked with him.

He plays Minecraft and Rust, as well as older games like Resident Evil 4 and Bully Scholarship Edition, and the majority of his content is related to the world of video games. On a regular basis, you’ll see him for seven or eight hours in a row. Previously, lloJuan completed a master’s degree in criminal law after studying law. In addition, he worked as an intern at the Alhaurn de la Torre prison.

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