In Rage, Streamer Destructions the Setup

Many viewers were drawn to a Twitch streamer after he broke his setup after losing a fight in New World.

New World may not be as popular as it was when it first launched, but it still has a devoted following, thanks in part to the game’s PvP, which allows adventurers to test their mettle in massive team battles.

The community must work together in these scenarios to either siege or defend a position from their enemies. Obviously, as with many PvP games, things can get heated at times. This is exactly what happened when a New World streamer had a meltdown at the end of his stream.

War, a 50-vs-50 game mode that pits attackers and defenders against one another, is one of the most popular multiplayer modes in New World. As an attacker, players must try to take control of the fort of the opposing team in order to win by a large margin. 

With a constant barrage of spells, lethal projectiles, and melee battles, gaining a victory as an attacker can be extremely difficult. As a result, avoiding a frustrating loss necessitates a great deal of communication and teamwork.

One New World streamer was clearly having a bad time after being repeatedly eliminated by a powerful ice-based spell.

It was clear he wasn’t having a good time, but things got even worse when he was destroyed by another AoE snowstorm. The streamer slammed his headset into his desk, which bounced straight into his screen, shattering it in the process.

While multiplayer games can be aggravating, it’s usually best to avoid venting your frustrations on the peripherals required to play the game. After all, you could end up needing to buy multiple replacements in the future.



Many people were drawn to a Twitch streamer after he broke his set up during a fight because of how easy it was to connect with him. The New World game has been around for awhile but still has a dedicated following, thanks in part to the PvP and the community working together. War is one

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