“In Space With Markiplier” Comes Close to Being Ruined

Popular YouTube content creator Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier has recently revealed how the sequel for the ‘A Heist With Markiplier’ was almost ruined by one of his friends.

Markiplier is the man behind the successful interactive comedy heist film, “A Heist with Markiplier” which he created and released two years ago.

Since then, the interest in a sequel to Heist started rising again. Over the months following, Markiplier teases a sequel to the Heist as he would say “Heist 2” or “the Heist sequel,” and because of this, fans believe the proposed second film would be similar to the original. Then on September 3, Markiplier tweeted out that he would be uploading his 5,000th video. He followed up this statement with a 45-second long YouTube clip cryptically titled, “Everything has to end”, causing his fans to instantly erupt with confusion and curiosity.

In the clip, “In Space with Markiplier” showed the screen, making viewers wonder what the creator was actually up to. A few days later, Markiplier then posted a video on youtube as he cleared a few things up announcing officially that the “In Space with Markiplier” is in fact the sequel to “A Heist with Markiplier.”

However, he also shares how the plot of the said sequel was almost ruined by one of his friends. He explained that his friend Wade Barnes, also known as ‘The Drowned Man,’ had been told about the plot or idea for the sequel. But then he let it out on Twitter the day following the release of the first Heist video. So, Markiplier messaged his friend Barnes asking to delete his post. In response to this, his friend explained to him that he thought that the idea was just a joke.

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