iPhone 13 Secret Features

You might be an Apple loyal customer and have already become familiar with the new iOS 15. You could also be an Android user and are eager to make that switch. You will be missing out on some important features if they aren’t there. Apple’s iPhone 13 is a new iPhone release that includes some secret features that most Apple users have not yet discovered.

We will highlight some of the best hidden iPhone 13 features. You can play around with them to find which ones are most useful to you. Although you may think it will take some time to get used to all the features of the iPhone 13, you’ll soon be able make your iPhone experience better. Let’s move on, without further delay.

These are just a few of the many cool features that the iPhone 13 has yet to reveal to the public.

1. Find Information From Images

Pick Out Information from Images

Do you have a favorite take-out brochure you can keep taking with you every night at midnight when you feel hungry? Save yourself from the hassle of searching for the exact brochure again and just take a picture with your iPhone.

You can always go back and manually enter the number, but this feature is better. Your phone scans the information in the photograph and will include the contact number. Copy it and paste to your clipboard. You can use this trick in everything, from business cards to school notes.

2. New Screenshot Feature

New Screenshot Feature

It’s always great fun to knock things on the phone to get a response, particularly when you consider gestures. The iPhone 13’s new feature allows you to snap screenshots with just two, three, or more taps depending on how fast you prefer. You can see that I set up the double tap feature to take screenshots, and the triple tap for torch use.

You have the option to modify all extra controls as you like, including this screenshot gesture. To snap a picture, you don’t need to use the volume keys. Instead, go to Settings and scroll to Accessibility.

3. Live filter editing

Live Filter Editing

Apple is always trying to stay one step ahead. The new iPhone 13 features, “photographic styles”, save you the trouble of adding filters after taking photos. This allows you to see the live filter option on your iPhone and let’s you know how your photo will look if it is captured using a particular filter.

You will be able to save a lot time editing the photo after it has been taken. Take a moment to see what filters work best for which situations. You can adjust the brightness and contrast as well as highlights and brightness. Your camera will amaze you with its capabilities!

4. Special Notifications To Enhance Productivity

Specific Notifications to Enhance Productivity

This hidden iPhone 13 feature is a great way to show off your multitasking skills. The iPhone 13 allows you to switch between Do Not Disturb mode depending on what task is being performed. DND can be used in contexts such as work, home, or sleep.

AI will determine which notifications should be kept later and in what situations. When you’re trying to sleep more, Julie won’t send you a long message.

5. Reachability feature

It’s a return from iPhone 12 and it is rightfully so. Many of us have small hands, but we don’t want to sacrifice the size and look.

The new iPhone 13 feature is here: the reachability function allows you to drag the screen down so it’s easier to access. This feature is designed to make life easier and more convenient.

6. The App Tracking should be turned off

Turn off the App Tracking

The ‘Don’t Allow’ button was the only option until now when the iPhone asked for permission to track apps. But here’s the problem: it must be clicked on one too many times and it can sometimes get frustrating to see the pop up again and again.

Good news! The iPhone 13 has the option to disable app tracking completely and avoid pop-ups. Go to Settings and turn it off. You can ensure that your app does not collect cookie data.

7. Locate My Phone With Power Off

Find My Phone with Power Off

The possibility that their phone might be lost while it is powered down is a major concern for smartphone users. It is impossible to locate your phone without internet access, so it’s not possible to call someone to ask for help.

We were shocked to learn that the iPhone 13’s secret feature allows you to access the Find my Phone function even when the phone is off. You might be surprised if your phone is stolen. After you get your device, make sure to switch this feature on.

8. Revamped Facetime

Revamped Facetime

This is the best and most anticipated of them all. Do you remember all the times that you needed to launch Instagram or Google Meet in order to video-call a friend on Android? For those times of struggle, say goodbye. One of the most anticipated iPhone 13 features hidden in the iPhone 13 is FaceTime with an Android user.

You can simply create a link within your FaceTime app to allow an Android user to join it. It works even better for Windows users! You will remain on FaceTime with your friends while they video call you through the browser link.

9. Siri allows you to share with Siri

Share with Siri

Siri is the reliable AI that can be accessed when you want to make a phone call or send a message, search for information, and calculate anything. Apple’s iPhone 13 has made Siri even more useful. You were wrong to think Siri couldn’t get better.

You can share pages through Siri, one of the best and most time-saving features on your iPhone 13. You are reading a piece about new medical research and want to share it with a friend who is a doctor. You can simply ask Siri for it to do this, and then you’re good to go. It’s as easy as “Siri. Send to [name]”

10. Safari is undergoing a major change

New Change in Safari

This is a secret change made to iPhone 13 models. The Safari search bar has been moved to the bottom. Although we appreciate minor tweaks and improvements, some people who were used to the original search bar aren’t too fond of the new one. However, they will soon get used to it.

This feature is even more amazing because it allows you to change to an old position with a click. Just tap “Single Tab”, and you’ll be back in the past.

Tips for

This is an extremely useful feature that you will find small but very helpful: Siri can now read your notifications, if you’re using air pods. This is how it works: Open the Settings app and select Siri. Siri can now be your personal reporter!

The iOS update also includes a feature that allows you to unlock your phone even if you are wearing a mask. This feature is useful as some countries require people to use masks when they travel. This can sometimes cause the swipe up feature to not work as fast. This guide will help you make your face unlock process faster if this is something that has troubled you.


This is all about the most eagerly awaited additions that many of you may have missed. They are not easy to find by yourself, so we don’t blame. You can make your user experience richer and more holistic by asking for help, whether it’s a YouTube search or simple Google searches. You should try them all, but stick with the most convenient. Have fun!

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