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iRoot is a free and open source tool to root your Android Phone without using your computer. (iRoot does not require any installations on your computer.) If you have a rooted phone, you can root it to your heart’s content. Root is a very powerful privilege that gives you the ability to truly alter the behavior of your phone. With root access, you can install third-party apps and app stores, you can remove all the unnecessary bloatware from the device, and you can even take the device back into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is the latest version of Android.

The app is a root access manager and has the main feature of the tool is it can manage the root access on any android device. This app is very useful to those who want to customize their android device to their taste or modify it according to their need. It also helps a lot in customization the system of the android device. The app can be used to manage the root access on the android device. The tool is very useful to those who want to customize their android device to their taste or modify it according to their need. It also helps a lot in customization the system of the android device.

Kernels are very important to your Android devices. Every Android phone or tablet is powered by a kernel, which is a program that controls the hardware on the device. This program is what allows your device to boot up, and also control certain hardware such as the camera, display, or speed of the device.

iRoot is a program that enables you to root your phone or tablet and restore factory settings. This way, you can get rid of the applications you don’t use and just keep the ones that take up space on your phone. It is targeted for individuals who want to handle their mobile equipment at their leisure without having to rely on the manufacturer for extensive authorizations.

The greatest part of IRoot is that it doesn’t need you to be an expert in IT to utilize it. simple to use There’s no need to connect your phone to your computer since you can complete the procedure in a single step that’s quick and secure. is the current version (Android)


It’s a simple program that enables you to quickly and safely root your terminal. When you install IRoot on your device, you will have complete control over the many apps that are already installed. This software is exclusively for Android smartphones and may be downloaded for free from a variety of websites.

It is important to note that IRoot can only root Android devices up to version 5.0. This program enables you to control your device’s storage capacity without any limitations. You may also use applications that need certain permissions.

This implies that by using this software, you will have access to the device’s limited features, such as how to alter the factory settings.


  • It features a basic and easy-to-use interface, so you can root your phone with a single button press.
  • Allows you to make adjustments to the operating system: It will allow you to have full control of your mobile device, install and manage applications as you wish, without the need for special permissions.
  • Personalize your smartphone: On a much deeper level, you will be able to make your device seem more creative and appealing.
  • Battery conservation: By installing and controlling the apps that you really use, you may conserve as much power as possible on your equipment.
  • Remove bloatware: You’ll be able to not only install, but also uninstall applications that take up a lot of storage space and are installed by default on devices. Bloatware is the term for this kind of software.
  • Backup copies: You may create backup copies to clear your terminal’s memory and speed up the processor’s functioning, allowing it to react to your commands much faster.
  • Free download: You can get IRoot for free from a variety of websites on the internet.


The following are some of the app’s drawbacks:

  • Creates risks: When you root your computer, you lose all of the manufacturer’s warranties.
  • It’s necessary to have an operating system that’s higher than 4.0: You’ll need an Android 4.0 or above operating system to install it.
  • Activation of unknown origin is required: When rooting your computer, you must go to mobile settings and enable access to unknown sources, putting your machine at danger of malware activation.
  • This program is not accessible for iOS because Apple is renowned for the high level of security that its products offer, which is why it is not available for iOS.

APK is available for download.

Before you download IRoot on your Android, make sure you have an internet connection and enough capacity on your device to install it after it has been downloaded.

When you’re certain of everything, click the next button to begin downloading fast and securely.


To install IRoot on your Android smartphone, follow these instructions:

  1. o Device settings o Access to settings
  2. Select “Advanced settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “security” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Unknown sources should be checked.
  5. Open the downloads folder on your device.
  6. Go to the IRoot.apk file and double-click it.
  7. Select “Install” from the menu.
  8. Accept the installation by clicking the “accept” button.

Before installing the IRoot apk on the phone, keep in mind that security protocols must be disabled (steps 1–4). You’ll be able to install apps from places other than Google Play in this manner.


The application has the automatic update system. This means you won’t have to do any research. From the same application you will be notified to do so and, with the press of a button, you will be able to have the latest version of IRoot on your Android.

Various other variations

IRoot has become a famous app in the IT industry; not only can you use it on your smartphone, but you can also use it on your PC without any hassle, and you can upgrade your equipment or operating system as needed.


To keep Windows PCs up to date or to recover previously made modifications, it is sometimes essential to root them. As a result, you may install and use IRoot on your PC using emulators like Memu, BlueStacks, Genymotion, Nox, or Andy.

With the latest version of iRoot, we’ve added a new function that allows users to assign multiple “root” procedures to a single button. For example, instead of having to press “Install iRoot” followed by “Uninstall iRoot” to do a factory reset and everything in between, you can now just tap the “Update” button in the upper right hand corner. This feature will also come in handy when root is rooted, since you can assign the same button to run a root utility without having to re-open iRoot.. Read more about iroot apk 2020 and let us know what you think.

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