IRyS Says Hololive Will Play FFXIV

In the midst of the game’s crowded server troubles, VTuber IRyS stated that Hololive has granted them permission to stream FFXIV ahead of the forthcoming expansion, Endwalker.

When Hololive VTuber and VSinger IRyS made her streaming debut, she made history by having the largest premiere ever on YouTube, with just under 100,000 concurrent viewers. Since then, she’s streamed a variety of games, with Minecraft being her most popular. However, things could change now that the VTuber has made a major revelation about her future.

Hololive is a virtual talent management company that represents more than 50 virtual creators, including IRyS.

On October 8, IRyS announced that Hololive has granted permission for their talents to begin streaming FFXIV during a YouTube stream. She exclaimed during her recent stream; “Oh my God. So like, I really, really want to play this game we got permission for recently. It might be a good game to collaborate with some people. It’s called Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XIV. I would be SO down for Final Fantasy XIV. Yup, permissions just sort of thing. I’m totally down for the Final Fantasy XIV collab. I hope there’s other people interested in it.”

It’s unknown whether IRyS will be one of the Hololive stars to stream FFXIV, but it’s apparent she’d jump at the chance if given the chance.

In 2021, Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular MMOs, and its fourth expansion, Endwalker, will be released soon.

However, with success comes difficulties, as the game has been plagued by major server overcrowding in North America, preventing many players from creating new characters. If Hololive allows its VTubers to stream the game, it’s possible that a new wave of gamers will struggle to create characters.

If IRyS decides to play FFXIV, the server overcrowding issue should not prevent her from establishing a character on the server she prefers.

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