Is Poker A Winner Or Loser On Twitch is without a doubt one of the most successful contemporary internet gaming success stories. Increasingly powerful technology has enabled a large number of users to stream their own content while others watch the program in high definition.

Twitch, which was originally targeted at computer gamers, ushered in a new era of esports that today surpasses the popularity of many major sports. This mighty beast took online poker along for the voyage, but was it a net winner or loss in the end?

Are Esports Too Powerful for Poker to Compete?

Jason Somerville is responsible for the Twitch poker revolution. He started streaming his own games in late 2014 and became an instant popularity. It undoubtedly helped that he was already a well-known player who had amassed a sizable fortune. Novice players would not have had the same impact if they had streamed their frustrating exploits.

Other players, such as Jaime Staples, decided to try to imitate Somerville soon after, and a new genre was established. Poker would have to compete with esports to attract new players, which would be a problem.

Although it’s nearly hard to correctly analyze the demographics, many argue that online poker streaming on Twitch is virtually entirely watched by people who already play the game regularly. It doesn’t appear that Twitch is where new poker players discover and fall in love with the game.

Does Poker Twitch Help Online Poker Today?

Despite the fact that numerous little poker channels have popped up on Twitch in recent years, the big brands remain the same, with a focus on entertainment rather than teaching.

Many players who don’t have time to learn and play can still cheer on their favorite streamer and follow their poker journey.

Streamers can now use the “raid” option to help each other. When their stream is finished, they can send their audience to a friend’s channel, where some of them will definitely become followers of both.

Overall, Twitch poker undoubtedly performs a decent job of supporting online poker, but it is unlikely to be responsible for a big increase in visitors. Esports has thoroughly established itself as a monster that poker cannot defeat.

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