IShowSpeed has a toxic fanbase

YouTuber Darren Watkins’ sexist protests are still affecting the internet. Ludwig Ahgren (a platform star) has shared his views on the drama.

IShowSpeed is a YouTube content creator aged 19 who has grown to be one of the most popular streamers on Google’s platform. His outbursts of aggression and offensive remarks have caused him a lot of controversy. He was recently banned for a sexist rant directed towards his VALORANT teammates.

Speed’s comments were condemned by many on social media, but Speed was quickly supported by his followers. Ludwig, following in the steps of many streamers, has posted his views on the event. He claims that Speed “feeds a toxic fanbase span>

Ludwig’s second YouTube account Mogul Mail is used to explore and discuss more serious subjects. His main YouTube channel hosts the bulk of his content. This channel was used by Ludwig to criticize and reveal details about his YouTube DMCA bans. Ludwig detailed the controversy around IShowSpeed’s exclusion from Riot Games’ in his latest upload.

Ludwig explained that Speed’s popularity came from his ability to understand the needs of the future generation, even though he was only 19 years old. Ludwig admitted Speed’s clear strategy, which often involves him exchanging anything for a laugh. Speed is also known for his intense and dramatic reactions to racist remarks made in chat by trolls.

Ludwig chastised Speed for his use of extremely homophobic and sexist words. Ludwig claimed Speed was equally responsible for his racist comments, saying that many of Speed’s followers were targeting him with racist language to make him erupt. It has resulted in a toxic atmosphere.

The comments made by IShowSpeed were condemned widely online. However, Speed went on to surpass the 7,000,000 subscriber mark. Ludwig claims that Speed gained more followers because of his video than he lost due to the backlash. Speed isn’t cancelling. Ludwig admitted Speed’s fandom was to blame, but he said that Speed ultimately is to blame.

IShowSpeed later apologized for his suspension. They claimed that the clip was months old and that he was just a teenager. His comments caused more controversy among viewers via social media. Some called for the ban of his VALORANT teammates for making racist remarks towards him.

YouTube previously said that they are looking into the video but it’s still not clear if he will get banned, just like he was from Twitch.


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