ItsSliker Advice To HAchubby

ItsSliker misled HAchubby with some poorly worded advice, resulting in a major misunderstanding.

Abraham “ItsSliker” and HAchubby were both streaming together while she was in the United States of America, far away from her home in South Korea, visiting him and others.

As a joke, while they were both at Sliker’s desk, he thought it would be a good idea to give her some advice while she sat in his chair.

This is interpreted by HAchubby as him saying that men’s chairs are filthy due to certain “activities” they engage in while alone. She leaps from his chair, questioning why she shouldn’t be sitting there getting confirmation of her thoughts.

Sliker attempted to calm her down by telling her she could sit down and that it was all a joke, but she persisted in questioning why.

Sliker glanced over at his chat to see what had gotten her so worked up, and noticed that many others had assumed it was a joke about masturbation as well. He then realizes the misunderstanding and tries to clarify what he meant, but Hachu continues to refuse to sit.

On Reddit, fans shared their reactions, with some still not getting the joke.

Some fans enjoyed the two’s stream together and hope to see them collaborate again soon, and it’s easy to see why with moments like this.

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