J.K. Rowling Offers Hot Takes On Trans Issues

Rowling’s hot take on trans issues is on Twitter following the passing of J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter).

Rowling shared a BBC News clip on gender dysphoria among children in a Facebook posting.

For a while, Keffals, a Twitch streamer has attempted to rate Rowling’s anti-trans comments. Keffals’ Friday response received over 31,000 views, as compared with Rowling’s initial post which only had 13,000. Rowling’s tweet was retweeted more than 2,500 times, but Keffals received over 5,000. We would say that Rowling was successfully ratioed by Keffals.

Rowling can be described as a divisive figure.

Russia’s autocratic leader Vladimir Putin appeared to be aligned with Rowling in an earlier video. He criticized “cancel culture” as if it was some kind of excuse for starting a war against Ukraine.

Rowling attacked Putin in a retaliatory attack after he named her in his speech. He essentially called him a warcriminal and stated that she supported Ukraine.

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