Jae Apologizes To JAMIE

Jae Park, who formerly was part of the band Day6 recently apologized for calling fellow Korean singer and TV host JAMIE a ‘thot’ while live-streaming on Twitch recently. The comments sparked outrage among the Kpop and online streaming communities, prompting a direct response from JAMIE, who described the comment as sexist.

The Twitter post of JAMIE called out Jae’s comment as sexist and it had received a massive outpouring of support, receiving over 400,000 likes and over 30,000 retweets as of writing this article.

JAMIE and Jae are friends, where Jae complimented her singing abilities on that same stream, and in the past, it is clear that JAMIE was offended by Jae’s derogatory comment about her. She has yet to publicly respond to his apology.

After winning the competition television show K-pop Star in 2011, JAMIE spent seven years as a singer and songwriter with JYP. She left JYP in 2019 and now works for Warner Music Korea, where she continues to publish music.

Jae Park previously signed as a member of the K-pop group Day6 JYP, but he left the agency at the end of 2021 due to the fact that many of Day6’s members had recently enlisted in the military for their mandatory military service. 

Jae has been a Twitch streamer on and off and currently has 487,000 followers on the platform. He’s faced similar backlash in the past for jokes he’s made in the stream, including being kicked off Twitch for comments he made last year.

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