Jae Assures That He Will Join The Band Again

It appears that Jae’s chapter with DAY6 is not yet complete. DAY6’s Jae declared on his own Twitter on January 1st at 12AM. KST that he will be taking a break from the band’s activities.

Fans were confused when JYP Entertainment made a statement on DAY6’s official Twitter account less than a day later. Jae’s contract with the label will be formally terminated on December 31, 2021 and he will no longer be a member of DAY6.

The unexpected and contradicting announcement has left My Days (DAY6’s fandom name) puzzled, upset, and worried. Jae told supporters that he will return in a live broadcast not long after his first announcement.

Despite the fact that he verified that he is no longer a member of DAY6, Jae stated in his most recent Twitch stream that he has been talking with the other band members how DAY6 would ‘come full circle.’

Fans are still looking for a specific reason or explanation for Jae’s unexpected departure, despite the promise.

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