Jake Paul “Fake” Sociopath Persona Mocked

After the battle between Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley, Twitch streamer Hasanabi lambasted Jake Paul’s “fake Sociopath” personality.

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul had some heated pre-fight jabs, but the tension quickly escalated when Tyron Woodley sat down to do Showtime’s MVP Face to Face.

Face-to-face sitting downs are known to be a way to gain inside the head of your opponent. In Jake Paul style, it was also a chance to prod the ex-UFC champ to live up to his moniker, “The Problem Child”.

Jake Paul’s unique trash talk style during the match did not get along with Twitch star Hasan Piker AKA HasanAbi.

Hasan was one of the many who responded face-to-face. He mocked Jake for his fake “sociopath persona” just a few minutes in to the video. He stated that Jake Paul was making fun of his “sociopath persona” and that Jake Paul shows how whitemediocrity can propel youtube to success if it’s the right moment.

Twitch Streamer compared Jake Paul to Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.

Face-to-face meetings can give you insight into the mind of your opponent and increase hype, which in turn leads to increased PPV sales.

Jake and Jake are looking to earn some money from their fight, so he has an “boxing hitlist” for if he wins.


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