Jason Lake Celebration

Complexity Gaming‘s founder and CEO Jason Lake recently added esports superstar TimTheTatman to the company’s roster, giving the company yet another esports victory. Lake said that TimTheTatman is an iconic streamer and will be an invaluable addition to the Complexity family as we look to expand our footprint in content creation.

As traditional sports, gaming, and entertainment merge, the partnership with Tim will bring the best of these worlds together for fans to enjoy. Lake’s net worth isn’t public, but he’s been leveling up for a while as the CEO of a successful esports company and a business partner of billionaire Jerry Jones.

Complexity was founded by Lake in 2003.

Lake used to be a real estate lawyer, but a roommate got him hooked on Counter-Strike, a multiplayer first-person shooter series of video games, according to GGRecon. He told ONE37pm last year, “I was a bit of a nerd and a bit of a jock growing up, so my love of competition and sports led to the discovery of esports.” “It was like a counter-strike when I discovered esports—the marriage of my two passions.”

He stated that he started Complexity 17 years ago, so he is kind of an old timer. He has seen different waves and iterations of this business as they have tried new things.

In 2017, he formed a partnership with Jerry Jones and John Goff.

In 2017, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and real estate investor John Goff bought a majority stake in Complexity. Lake called the partnership a “major leap” in the company’s evolution in his ONE37pm interview, especially because it required the company to relocate to Frisco, Texas, and move into the GameStop Performance Center at The Star, the Cowboys’ headquarters.

According to Reuters, GameSquare Esports acquired Complexity for $27 million in an all-stock transaction in June 2021, which meant Lake would continue as CEO of Complexity while serving as GameSquare’s global head of esports. Lake went on to say that he was looking for new ways to promote Complexity and engage with fans.

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