JASONR Girlfriend Made A Big Mess

On JASONR‘s most recent stream, his girlfriend spilled food on his desk, resulting in a mayonnaise splatter.

JASONR is a former professional CS:GO player who now works for Valorant. He and his girlfriend stream a lot together, so she’s a big part of his streams.

The streamer was greeted by his girlfriend Stephanie, who was bringing him food while he was playing Valorant. She showed him a slice of pizza, displaying the heart she drew with mayonnaise on the slice. He became ecstatic as soon as he realized she had drawn a heart on it.

Stephanie shows off her work to his stream, showing the plate towards the camera, after sharing his excitement for the food brought to him by his girlfriend. As a result, the pizza slice slides off the plate and lands face down on the desk.

When the pizza slice landed on the desk, the mayo from the pizza splattered in all directions. Stephanie sobbed and dashed out of the room to get something to clean up the mess.

Stephenie then bolts from the room, grabbing towels to clean up the shambles. JASONR then begins to describe how the pizza splattered all over his desk, including his keyboard, in a furious manner.

While he prepares for the start of the next round, his girlfriend begins to clean his hands. He yells again after cleaning his arms.

The video doesn’t show any of the mess, but based on the streamer’s reaction, one can get a pretty good idea of what’s going on. While the main reason for the clip is hidden, it depicts a series of unfortunate events that we would never wish to occur to ourselves.

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