JasonR’s Gaming Setup: An In-Depth Look

JasonR was part of Splyce’s 2016 pro-CS:GO team. He was first noticed after he qualified for 2016 MLG. One of his team members inspired him to stream on Twitch. He made the right decision, and he’s now the most popular FPS streamer on Twitch, even though he still uses Valorant. To show JasonR what equipment he uses, we have listed the items that make up his gaming set.


JasonR used a BenQ XL2411P monitor and a BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 display.

The specifications of these two monitors are slightly different. The XL2411P monitor has a 24 inch screen with 144Hz refresh rate and 2ms response times. It has a 350 cd/m2 brightness and a refresh rate option of 60,120 and 144 at 1ms. While the XL2546 screen has a 24.5″ display, a refresh rate of 60,120 and 144 at 1ms and a brightness setting of 320 cd/m2. They can also be tilted at 5deg/-20deg or swiveled at 45deg/45deg. Both have height adjustment, but the XL2546 has the ability to extend up to one centimeter (5.51″)

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JasonR uses the Razer Viper Ultimate hyperspeed mouse.

A variety of mice are used by him, such as the Logitech G Pro Wireless and Logitech G703, Logitech G703 Hero 35K, Logitech G403 Hero 35K, and Logitech G403 Wireless. His main mouse however is the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed. It is important to mention that the Hyperspeed mouse is identical to the Razer Viper Ultimate. However, the Hyperspeed comes with an RGB charging dock.

The wireless mouse is lightweight at only 77.5g (or 2.75 oz). Razer Focus+ 20k DPI optical offers 50-20,000 DPI and can be adjusted in increments 50. The mouse also has the option to store up to five profiles. It has an incredible maximum acceleration speed of 50G, and a peak racking speed up to 650 IPS. The battery lasts up to 70 hours. It can be charged either on the dock or via the braided cable of 1.8m (6ft). You can also purchase it in four different colors.

The design is truly multi-functional, featuring two side buttons that can be programmed. These buttons are in addition to four others. It measures 6.63×12.65×3.78cm (2.61×4.98×1.49 ).

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JasonR uses the SteelSeries QcK Large Cloth Mousepad.

The micro-woven, cloth mousepad has non-slip rubber underneath to prevent it from sliding. You can roll it up to store and its dimensions are 45x40x0.2cm (17.72×15.75x 0.08″).

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JasonR uses the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum keypad.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum wired gaming keyboard is equipped with Romer G Tactile buttons. They have a 45G actuator force, a travel distance of 3mm and an actuation point at 1.5mm. You can also use multi-key inputs with 26-key rollover. The Irion keycaps are lightly contoured and fit the full-size body.

You will also find a volume wheel in the upper right corner. The F-keys of the Logitech Gaming Software can be used to set the F-keys and per-key RGB lighting. It measures 15.3×44.35×3.43cm (6×17.5×1.4”), and weighs 1.18kg (2.65lbs). The keyboard’s bottom is covered with rubber feet that prevent it from shifting during gaming. It also features three flip-out feet on each side to allow for angle choices of 0, 4, and 8.

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JasonR wears a HyperX Cloud Flight headset.

JasonR uses the same gaming headset that both Shroud and Sceptic use. HyperX Cloud flight is a wireless headset that has a closed-back design. The earcups have 50mm neodymium driver stubs that offer a frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz wirelessly and 15 to 23,000Hz when plugged in. The sensitivity is 106dB at 1kHz and the nominal impedance of 32O.

The headset has a stereo sound effect, a wireless range up to 20m (or 65.6 feet) and an 2.4Ghz frequency. The headset also includes a removable electret condenser mic that uses a unidirectional pattern. The frequency range it offers is 100-7,000Hz, which is slightly lower than the normal headset microphone range 100-10,000Hz. The headband slider is made of steel and covered with solid plastic. It also features a padded headband and leatherette-covered memory foam earpads. The earcups rotate at 90 degrees so that they can rest comfortably on your chest when you’re not using them. These earcups are lightweight, weighing 315g (10.8 oz.).

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JasonR uses the Audio-Technica AT2020XLR microphone.

JasonR has a gaming set that includes an XLR AT2020. The AT2020 has a unidirectional, polar pattern that is used through side-addresses and has a frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz. It has an impedance of 100O and sensitivity of -37dB. The signal-to noise ratio is 74dB (1kHz @1Pa). You will need an audio-interface compatible with it as the 48V phantom voltage is required. The package includes a 5-/8’’-27 threaded mount, 5/8’’-27 to 3-/8’’-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch. You will have to purchase the XLR cable separately.

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JasonR uses the Logitech C920 Webcam.

Logitech C920 webcam is an easy-to-attach clip-on camera that plugs into most flat screen monitors. The 3mp lens records at 720/[email protected] resolution and has a 78deg field-of-view. It also integrates RightLight 2 light correct technology and autofocus. You can use it with Windows 7+ and Mac OS 10.10+. It also works well with Android v 5.0+ (32/64 bit), Chrome OS, Android v 5.0+ and a number of streaming applications such as QuickTime, XSplit, QuickTime, etc.

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JasonR uses the BehringerXenyx302USB mixer.

Behringer’s Xenyx302USB mixer has five inputs and provides an audio/USB stereo interface to allow you to connect to devices. The mixer has one XLR and phantom ports, with a dynamic range between 130dB and 140dB. The unit also has a 1/4″ combination input, a stereo USB/Line channel and a 2-Track dedicated input. Two-band British-style 2-band EQs have been assigned to the Mic and Line/USB channels (high and low). Its dimensions measure 13.6×11.4×4.6cm (5.35×4.49×1.81″)

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What mouse is jasonR using? jasonR uses the Logitech G703 with a DPI of 800 and in-game sensitivity 1.08.

CEVO Pro League Season 9
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ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals
Grp. S.

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JASONR has ~5,000 subscribers, which should minimally earn him ~$12,500 USD per month, excluding additional revenue from tournament winnings, his team salary, tips, Twitch cheer bit contributions, sponsorships and advertising. He has made at least $146,556 USD from his top 40 donators alone.

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JasonR was part of Splyce’s 2016 pro-CS:GO team. He was first noticed after he qualified for the 2016 MLG, but started to gain popularity by streaming on Twitch. He made the right decision in streaming and is now one of the most popular FPS streamers on Twitch,

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