Jessica49 Given Indefinite Suspension Over Emotes

Twitch streamer ‘Jessica49’ has been left perplexed after the site permanently banned her for her emotes, and she has no idea who is to blame.

Twitch users have had a wild year so far in 2022. Aside from Pokimane‘s suspension due to DMCA violations, there have been a slew of other bans that have made headlines.

For example, a streamer was quickly banned after claiming in Mario Kart that he wanted to “destroy heterosexuals.” A moderator for HeyImBee was also banned for a week after making a “year mom” joke in chat.

Another streamer has been banned indefinitely for her emotes, which is confusing both her and her viewers.

Jessica49 told Dexerto that she believes three of her emotes are to blame for the ban, but she has no way of knowing for sure.

Twitch’s email claims that her emote violation was “severe,” but it doesn’t specify which of her emotes was the offender. It’s unusual to see streamers permanently banned for emotes, especially when it’s a first offense, so Twitch’s reasoning is unclear. Twitch has not set a date for the suspension to end with indefinite bans.

Jessica is attempting to overturn the decision or, at the very least, determine which emote was the source of the problem.

Twitch does not comment on individual bans, so we’ll have to wait and see how this situation plays out.

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