JiDion Special Favor From Pokimane

JiDion, a banned Twitch streamer who became a YouTube sensation, has finally released his long-awaited video with Pokimane, the purple platform’s crown jewel. The two shocked their fans earlier this month when they shared a photo of them eating a meal together, and the internet demanded answers.

JiDion and Pokimane have collaborated on a video for the former’s YouTube channel to help them relax. Surprisingly, the two even mention Valkyrae, one of Poki’s closest friends.

The video was teased more than a week ago in one of JiDion’s tweets, in which he collected fan questions for the two streamers to answer, and it was finally released earlier today.

Its goal is to clear the air between the two while also giving the audience a sense of what happened.

In this video, JiDion and Pokimane settle their differences in front of the camera, signaling the beginning of a new friendship. They tell each other hilarious stories and anecdotes, and even discuss their now-famous photos on the internet.

JiDion’s request to Pokimane regarding Valkyrae, however, received the most attention on the internet.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter have been close friends for a long time. Valkyrae and Poki have co-streamed multiple times despite being signed to rival platforms YouTube and Twitch.

Now, as for JiDion mentioning Valkyrae, the YouTuber is well aware that, despite his public apology, Poki’s friends may still be holding grudges against him for his controversial actions earlier this year. He believes one of them is the ‘Queen of YouTube.’

Valkyrae and Pokimane have been extremely supportive of one another throughout their careers’ highs and lows. Rachell was one of the first to speak out against JiDion’s behavior in January.

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