Jinnytty Risks Ban

Twitch streamer Jinnytty or simply Jinny has been criticized by Twitch fans for secretly filming a chat with a UK security officer in the building he was working in and then lying about it, and it could possibly be in violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service.

Jinny, a popular IRL Twitch streamer, is known for going on incredible trips all around the world. It goes without saying that she has met a variety of unusual personalities on her journey. Jinny was tempted to join the Twitch hot tub meta by a bunch of adolescents in New York in July, and she nearly became a victim of human trafficking the same month.

However, recently, Jinny has come under fire after she was discovered shooting without permission in the lower floors of London’s The Shard building. While it’s unclear whether Jinny was aware she was shooting in a restricted area, the incident drew a lot of criticism from the Twitch community.

It happened during Jinny’s September 17th live broadcast. During the stream, Jinny was approached by a UK security officer and asked if she was filming. Jinny initially pretended to be unaware when asked if she was recording or not, but eventually admitted to lying after being asked the same question several times by the same officer. The VOD has now been deleted.

Jinny was, indeed, recording since she was live streaming to the thousands of Twitch fans that were watching her. Jinny explained to the security officer what she was doing, stating; “I’m a live streamer, so I was going to film when I go upstairs.” The security officer didn’t seem to trust her and told her to erase whatever recordings she had made, which she did later.

Many people believe Jinny broke Twitch’s Terms of Service, which specify that streamers are not allowed to create, publish, transmit, distribute, or store content that is illegal or infringes on privacy or publicity rights. The Shard’s higher levels are open to filming, however the lower levels are not. Jinny began streaming from the lobby, which would be considered illegal.

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