JoeyKaotyk confronts Racist

After being mocked by a racist man, JoeyKaotyk (IRL streamer) on Twitch confronted him.

Joey Kaotyk, a streamer popular on Twitch is fast approaching 100k subscribers. He streams IRL and Just Chatting content on his Twitch channel. While he travels the globe, he streams and interacts with viewers. He also carries his streaming backpack.

He broadcasts nearly everywhere that he travels. He was streaming his live stream in Downtown LA when, during the most recent broadcast, an unidentified man walked by him. Then he started to mock his Asian heritage using a fake accent. Joey was walking on the street when he saw him and began mocking Joey’s Asian heritage with derogatory words.

Joey found himself in shock and quickly became enraged. Joey responded to the racist man by saying, “That’s very funny 2021 sir.” Joey decided to continue following the man into the store. He continued to his statements when he reached the racist man. “Get that crap outta here, bro.”

JoeyKaotyk tweeted his encounter with the racist man. He shared the clip, writing: “This is not his first time doing it, and if he doesn’t say anything, he will do it again.”

After streamers protested the increasing racism within the online community due to hate raids, follow bots, and other social media actions the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter became viral on Twitter.


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