KaFe Rocks Offers Mental Health Support

KaFe Rocks, a Maltese iGaming company, and its Time2play brand have decided to show their appreciation for their employees by providing them with an unlimited number of vacation days as well as mental health support. The Richmond Foundation, a mental health charity, will assist in the implementation of this new initiative.

Cordelia Morgan Cooper, the head of people at KaFe Rocks, spoke about the company’s upcoming employee-oriented changes. She explained that for the Rocketeers (as KaFe Rocks’ employees are known), a healthy work-life balance is a core pillar of the company’s philosophy. As a result, Cooper stated that the company is more than willing to assist employees and allow them to take time off as needed.

Cooper went on to say that the people team she’s in charge of will work closely with business leaders to ensure that the Rocketeers get enough rest, recuperation, and downtime.

The Rocketeers now have a total of 160 members all over the world. Some of them work on one of KaFe Rocks’ properties, while others are allowed to work completely from home. The addition of unlimited vacation days will be welcomed by both on-site and remote workers.

Apart from prioritizing its employees’ health and allowing them to rest when they need it, KaFe Rocks has pledged to help those in need by ensuring that all of its employees have access to mental health support. The Richmond Foundation, a mental health charity, will assist with this.

Furthermore, KaFe Rocks employees in Malta will be able to schedule face-to-face sessions with professionals who will assist them in regaining control of their lives. KaFe Rocks’ current philosophy is to support all of its employees and to foster a healthy work environment where everyone is happy to contribute.

While the company’s strategy isn’t conventional, it will be interesting to see how it plays out and whether it has an impact on overall productivity.

After Twitch banned referral codes and links, KaFe Rocks’ Time2play firm became the “new home” of Twitch’s gambling streamers a few months ago. This was yet another example of KaFe Rocks’ dedication to new ideas and appealing to a younger audience.

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