Kato_Kat Finds Out What FOV Means

During a recent Halo Infinite livestream, Brittany “kato_kat” Alexander discovered what Field of View (FOV) means in a hilarious way.

Alexander has been in a long-term relationship with Eric “Erobb” Lamont Robbins Jr., a popular Twitch creator. She’s a chatty streamer who doesn’t play video games on a regular basis.

As a result, kato_kat had no idea what FOV meant and took the viewer’s advice to maximize it. After hilariously claiming that she could now see more, she eventually realized what FOV meant.

Brittany isn’t a seasoned gamer, but she’s been playing Halo Infinite without turning up the FOV to the maximum in recent weeks. Some viewers suggested Alexander increase her FOV during her livestream on January 16th.

The streamer was initially perplexed because he had no idea what Field of View was. Kat figured out what FOV did before any of the viewers could explain it. The creator was taken aback and stated that she could see a lot more.

Kato was killed twice by her opponents, indicating that the increased FOV had no immediate effect on her overall abilities. The FOV change, on the other hand, made her happy.

After changing the setting, the streamer was taken aback and claimed she was going too fast. Some viewers, however, quickly pointed out that increasing the FOV had not made her any faster.

She could instead see more of her surroundings at any given time and react more quickly. During the Twitch chat, the majority of her viewers found the incident hilarious.

Kat’s struggle with Halo Infinite continued, but she was marginally better after making the switch. The Twitch streamer has nearly 40k followers and spends the majority of her time interacting with her viewers during her just chatting live streams.

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