KingRichard Gaming Setup and Streaming Gear

KingRichard began his streaming career as an Elder Scrolls Online streamer in 2014. However, he started to stream regularly only in 2015. He grew into a variety streamer over time. His channel began to grow when he took over Fortnite in October 2017. He quickly climbed the leaderboards, and earned high kill counts. We have listed the entire gaming equipment used by KingRichard.


KingRichard’s gaming monitor is the ASUS PG258Q 24.5″ monitor. It has a 1920 x1080p resolution and a 1ms response time. The TUX Rhineland-certified, blue-light filter is embedded in the monitor. It also features flicker-free rear lighting. This is to reduce the eye strain during long gaming sessions. NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology is also included to reduce screen tearing or frame stutters.

The screen is VESA-compatible and can be mounted on a wall. It can also be adjusted from 10.16 to 15.24cm (or 4 to 6 inches) in height. Additionally, the tilt of the screen up to 160deg can be done. Rotations can range between +50deg to -50deg. It is worth noting that the screen will only refresh at the rate of 240Hz if all other hardware can process that speed.

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KingRichard has a gaming set that includes the FinalMouse Cape Town Mouse. FinalMouse Cape Town is a non RGB wired gaming mouse with dimensions 11.5×5.3×3.57cm (4.53×2.09×1.4″) The mouse is light at only 58g (2oz), and does not include the additional weight of the cord. The design is ambidextrous and has two macro buttons on the right. The Pixart 3360 optical sensor can toggle between being toggled between 400 and 800 or 1600, 1600, 3200, and 3200 using the button below the scroll wheel.

The mouse also includes three infinity skins of different thicknesses. These add bulk and flexibility to the four positions. This is suitable for smaller to medium-sized hands.

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KingRichard has a Razer Huntsman TE keypad as part of his gaming set. It is doubleshot PBT keys with Linear Optical switches. They have an actuation point of 1mm and a actuation force 40g. The keystroke life expectancy is up to 100 million presses. The layout is stand-bottom form with fully-programmable keys. The number-pad is programmed using N-key rollover and built-in anti ghosting.

To improve durability, it is made from aluminum. It has a matte aluminum top frame that protects the aluminum. The USB braided cord can be detached, even though it’s wired. The Razer Synapse software is able to adjust the RGB settings and can be used to create up to five profiles on the keyboard. Additional backup profiles are also available on the software.

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King Richard relies on Sennheiser HD 800S headphones. Sennheiser HD 800S headphones feature an over-ear, open-back design and drivers that are set at a slightly angle for a spatial stereo effect. With a frequency range from 4 to 51,000Hz (-10dB), the 56mm ring radiator transducer drivers have a nominal impedance 300 Ohm and an SPL 102dB (1kHz & 1Vrm).

The transducer’s enclosure is made of stainless steel. However, Sennheiser claims that the headband and mounting are made from the best materials in aerospace. This makes it 330g (11.62oz) with the 3mm cable. There are two options for the cable: a 6.35mm (1/4″) jack connector and a 4.4mm (0.17″) plug. It also has an XLR-4 connector. Balanced 4.4mm cable

These headsets come at a high price of more than $1,600 USD. If you are just beginning, you may want to look into cheaper options. Here’s a selection of popular headsets and headphones.

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KingRichard streams using a Shure SM7B dynamic microphone. It has a cardioid polar design. The microphone has a frequency range between 50 and 20,000Hz as well as a nominal impedance 150Ohms, a sensitivity of -50dB and a frequency response of 50 to 20,000Hz. The unit comes equipped with an external windscreen and a removable pop-filter that prevents plosive noises from entering. To further enhance the sound quality, there is a boost button and a filter switch that can be pressed hard.

It doesn’t need phantom electricity to operate, but it does require an XLR Cable, which means it will need an additional investment in an XLR and an audio interface as well as a microphone Stand. However, it does come with a captive stand nut. You can also check our reviews of popular microphones.

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KingRichard has a streaming equipment that includes the Logitech C922 Webcam. It comes with a 3-month trial of XSplit, a tripod stand and a plug-and play webcam. The webcam can record at 1080p at 30fps, or at 720p @ 60fps. It also has a resolution up to 1920x1080p. It also has a 78deg field-of-view that you can adjust or pan using the free software. This software is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 or higher, and Windows 7 and above.

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Richard Williams lives in Compton, California, with his wife Brandy, his three step-daughters, and his two daughters, Venus and Serena.

Richard “KingRichard” Nelson (born January 11, 1989) is an American professional Battle Royale, player who currently plays for NRG Esports.

“There’s a lot of flexibility with how I’m able to distribute my content. I’m able to livestream on both Facebook Gaming and Instagram Live,” KingRichard said. “Having the ability to livestream in different ways will help me be there for them when I’m needed and still grow my career in meaningful ways.”09-Sept-2020

The streamer will also make content for Instagram. Streamer KingRichard has signed with Facebook Gaming to produce content exclusively on the platform and Instagram. His first stream will take place today, Sept.09-Sept-2020


KingRichard began his streaming career as an Elder Scrolls Online streamer in 2014 and started to stream regularly only in 2015. He grew into a streamer over time. His channel began to grow when he took over Fortnite in October 2017. He quickly climbed the leaderboards, and earned high kill

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