Kronovi Retires

One of Rocket League‘s most renowned legends is retiring from the game to focus on content creation.

Kronovi’s long career came to an end last night, but the former pro guaranteed that “everyone will be getting more of Kronovi than they ever have before” on his Twitch and YouTube channels and Kronovi’s career has had its ups and downs, most recently during his stint with the Pioneers and the latter months of his tenure at Rogue in 2020.

Though he claims to always bounce back, Kronovi confessed that he didn’t “see the payout from grinding RLCS” as much as he thought he did, and that he’d “rather move on.”

However, Kronovi isn’t leaving Rocket League for good. He’ll keep streaming ranked games, where he’ll be pushing leaderboards and he’ll focus his content on high-level gaming, which means the top Rocket League players may find themselves with more and more Kronovi tutorials on their playlists. He’s also considering a career in casting and coaching.

Kronovi established Cosmic Aftershock in 2015, and with iBUYPOWER, the team won the first RLCS after signing the Cosmic Aftershock lineup. The following year, he joined G2, where he remained until 2019, when he transferred to Rogue. He joined Continuum in 2021 after a period with Rogue that was characterized with ups and downs. His team was acquired by the Pioneers halfway through the season, and he completed his career as a substitute.

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