Kyedae Apologizes

Kyedae, a streamer for 100 Thieves, has apologized after being criticized for statements that she made during a co-stream of the VCT Masters Berlin playoffs, which led to accusations of body shaming from some fans.

The issue arose during the match between Envy and Sentinels at Masters Berlin, in which Crashies and co. defeated the two-time Master champions with easy ease. As she is now in a relationship with Jett ace Tyson Ngo aka TenZ who plays for Sentinels, Kyedae has a natural bias in favor of Sentinels, and it appears that emotions got the best of her while watching TenZ be knocked out of the event, as she would later admit.

During her VCT Masters Berlin watch party, Kyedae called to Envy player Austin ‘crashies’ Roberts as a “scrawny f**k” as his side was on their way to a 2-0 victory over Sentinels. Some fans have also accused her of calling G2’s Cista ‘keloqz’ Wassim “noodle arms.” People have reacted to Kyedae’s comments in two ways and that is outrage at the streamer’s sentiments, and befuddlement as to why this became viral in the first place.

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker of Envy called her out on social media, claiming “it’s messed up” in an attempt to personally criticize Crashies’ appearance as a player who has dealt with food allergies in the past.

However, her Kyedae’s boyfriend TenZ didn’t remain silent during this controversy, as he reacted to Yay’s tweet by bringing up a past quarrel with Marved who once claimed, he’d “f*ck TenZ girlfriend at the next LAN.”

TenZ tweeted out; “A comment like that is pretty small in comparison to wanting to fuck someones girl at LAN, idk thats just me tho” Then Marved was quick to add he already apologised and was under the impression it was water under the bridge since the comments were made almost a year ago.

Kyedae eventually responded to Yay, clarifying that she admires the Envy player for standing up for his friend, and that she had already privately apologized to Crashies.

She also issued an apology on Twitter in a Twitlonger post to crashies. Here’s what she said; “The way I went about calling him is inexcusable. I’m sorry to not only Crashies but to anyone else that I hurt with the insensitive remark towards body image. I really shouldn’t be commenting on people’s looks and I can’t call it a joke when the other person isn’t laughing.”

Crashies further accepted Kyedae’s apologies, claiming that the matter had totally blown up out of proportion. 100 Thieves owner Matthew Haag aka Nadeshot has also chimed in backing Kyedae stating; “Every single person that has had the pleasure of getting to know you understands that there is no malicious intent in your heart or in your words.”

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