Lapsos_de_Lucidez Is Tormented By Skyrim Teleporting Dead Dragon

A teleporting dead dragon is chasing an Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player across the map, causing them to become ‘haunted.’

Because The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is such a large open-world game, it’s prone to the odd bug or technical issue. These Skyrim bugs can be annoying and game-breaking at times, but they can also be harmless and amusing. A player was relentlessly pursued across the map by a teleporting dead dragon in a recent Skyrim glitch that’s been getting a lot of attention on the game’s subreddit.

A dead Skyrim dragon was allegedly following them around the map, according to Reddit user Lapsos_de_Lucidez.

The dead dragon, according to the post, teleports behind the Dragonborn whenever it is out of sight. The dragon was said to have been killed about a month ago, but there were issues right away, as the Skyrim player was unable to absorb the dragon’s soul as they normally would.

A teleporting dead dragon has tormented many Skyrim players, including Lapsos_de_Lucidez. This is a long-standing issue in Skyrim, to the point where a Skyrim mod exists to address the issue. Whenever this happens, the community refers to it as “Dragon Stalking.”

Unfortunately, this Skyrim mod is only available for the PC version of the game, so console players will be out of luck if they encounter this problem. They’ll either have to learn to live with their new dragon companion or hope it vanishes. The full Reddit post can be found here.

Skyrim players don’t appear to know how to reproduce the bug, so fans aren’t sure what to do if they don’t want to be haunted by a dead dragon in their own save.

The best bet is to keep multiple Skyrim saves on hand in case the glitch appears, though having multiple saves is something that every Skyrim player should do anyway because there are many other glitches in the game besides this one.

Other Skyrim glitches, as previously mentioned, can cause game-breaking issues. Many bugs can lock players out of Skyrim’s Daedric quests, for example, which is especially frustrating because the rewards from those quests are usually quite good, and collecting 15 Daedric artifacts in a single playthrough of the game is an achievement.

The next Elder Scrolls game will have its own glitches for players to deal with, though it’s unclear whether this particular glitch will return, or if dragons will even appear in the new game. Bethesda is currently focused on Starfield, but it will be interesting to see what shape The Elder Scrolls 6 takes when it is finally revealed.

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