League of Legends Honors Tyler1

Tyler1, a Twitch star known for League of Legends content and his fourth account, recently earned Challenger. This time, he only played in the middle lane.

The streamer, who had achieved Challenger status, requested Twitch or Riot change the Twitch banner picture to reflect his face. However, Riot honored him this evening by updating the profile photo of the League of Legends official Twitter account with a photo of him earlier in the evening.

Twitch is yet to comment on its tribute, although there are still possibilities that it will.

Tyler1 is seen on Tibbers. Annie is Annie’s mid-lane champion for Challenger. According to op.gg, Tyler1 won 64 out of 157 games while playing Annie.

Fizz and Irellia have been popular streamer champions. After completing the mid-, top, jungle and AD carry challenges, he now has support. Tyler may postpone his ascent to next season. However, Tyler can relax after finishing the mid-lane challenge within two months.

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