Leahviathan On Challenges Of Making It On Twitch

While breaking into the Twitch community is never easy, Leah ‘Leahviathan’ Alexandra, EXCEL‘s newest content creator, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of trying to make it as a variety streamer in a highly competitive world.

Players all over the world can now hone their skills and turn their hobbies into full-time jobs thanks to the growth of Twitch and competitive gaming.

One such content creator is Leahviathan, a British variety streamer who is now an EXCEL member. Leah began her Destiny-focused journey in 2015 and has since done everything from cosplay streams to watching reality TV on YouTube.

While Leah’s vibrant personality and feisty quips make her Twitch streams a must-watch, she admits that she got lucky with her Twitch audience.

While Leahviathan also mentions that, from her limited perspective, it appears that having a TikTok or constantly posting your other content on other platforms is the only way to grow these days, and that the grind is well worth it.

Yes, variety streaming is difficult, and yes, Leah was in the right place at the right time to borrow her words. Her magnetic personality and sense of joy, on the other hand, are qualities that even the world’s biggest streamers would envy.

We’re excited to see what she does next as she continues to develop as a creator under the EXCEL banner.



Twitch is a platform where people can stream themselves playing video games. The platform has experienced rapid growth and, with it, the number of people doing this has also increased. While there are advantages and disadvantages to streaming on Twitch, Leahviathan discusses how she got lucky in getting noticed by her audience due

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