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This is the latest and most updated version of Legion Anime In this new version, we added new features, fixed bugs, and improved stability. If you find any bug/problem please report it here.

Download Legion Anime for Android (APK) – free download

It’s an application made for fans of Japanese anime. This software was created to provide anime fans the opportunity to see on-screen material as well as past seasons. Because all of its material is streamed, it does not need the use of third-party browsers to replicate its programming.

As a result, as long as you have a steady Internet connection, you may enjoy your broadcasts without interruption. Legion Anime is compatible with Android smartphones running version 4.1 or above, as well as iOS devices running version 12.1 or higher. It should be noted that this software is totally free to use.


Legion Anime offers a number of features that make it one of the most popular applications among lovers of this kind of programming. Up to an exceptionally low weight compared to other market apps, with a simple interface and organized in a manner that your audience can readily understand (15.88 MB).

Users may access a carefully arranged material by categories in a side menu that enables them to easily discover any genre using this app. They’re organized by year, anime genre, order, and so on.

Similarly, the main Legion Anime screen has the major reading choices for the new chapters, allowing you to watch them in HD resolution at any moment. You may also download the part of the series that you like the best and read it on your phone without needing to be connected to the internet.

This program has an official page at www.legionanime.xyz, which links to Facebook and enables you to log in using your current Facebook account. You’ll find solutions to a variety of topics there, as well as a link to the shop, where you can purchase wonderful and beautiful accessories.

This software also contains additional features or functionalities that improve the user experience, such as:

  • Integrated search engine: You can easily find your favorite cartoon series with this built-in feature, which allows you to search by name or by precise chapter.
  • Extra sections: The side menu of Legion Anime contains additional categories such as “Favorites,” “Last 30 Seen,” “Done,” and “Watch Later,” among others. You will be able to save your material in a more personal manner as a result of this.
  • Appearance customization: This feature allows you to alter the app’s background color or typeface to make it more personal.
  • latin audio series: Legion Anime has a huge library of over 2,900 series, including at least 100 of them with Latin audio.
  • Daily updates: All material is updated on a daily basis to ensure that your informed audience has access to the most recent Japanese series.
  • This option enables you to continue playing your fair series from the moment you leave it.


Among the Legion Anime’s major benefits are the following:

  • You are able to access your Facebook account.
  • Filtering of content (does not allow Hentai series).
  • Content is updated on a regular basis.
  • Allows you to share your thoughts with other users on the site.
  • The material may be downloaded and read at a later time.
  • Compatible with earlier Android versions.
  • The video playback quality may be changed.


Even though Legion Anime offers many features and advantages, it is not without flaws. As a result, there are certain bad characteristics or drawbacks to this software, which are listed below:

  • While reading, it has a tendency to get stuck.
  • More Latin Spanish shows would be great.
  • Users will be annoyed with the background music, which can be turned off from the options menu.


To get Legion Anime on your device, all you have to do is download the program file and make sure your computer has adequate storage space before you begin watching your favorite series.

Android is a mobile operating system (.APK)

Downloading Anime Legion for Android is a straightforward procedure; all you have to do is click the next button, and the program will begin downloading to your smartphone.


This program is accessible on the App Store under the name Lanime, according to the Legion Anime Official Site. To download it to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, go to the following link:



There are certain steps you will need to take in order to install Legion Anime on your Android or iOS smartphone, but they are very easy.


Approval from unknown sources or origins is required to install Legion Anime on Android devices, which may be found in the phone’s settings menu. This is used to allow access to applications that aren’t from the default store.

To do this, you must:

  1. From the device, go to the “General parameters” menu.
  2. Drag the menu until “Advanced settings” appears, then click it.
  3. To choose for “safety.”
  4. Unknown sources should be checked.

After that, start the installation by going to the location where the file is located (it’s typically under downloads), clicking on the file, and then clicking “Install.” Before you start watching your favorite animes, let the procedure a few minutes to finish.


The setup is a little simpler for Apple devices. Only use iTunes to download the Legion Anime Archive. After that, look for it in the “downloads” section, click on it, and wait the required minutes for your app to be fully free on your phone.


Simply go to the Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device’s operating system, to update Legion Anime on your mobile device.


It just takes a few minutes to update this app on Android devices. Remember that you’ll need an Internet connection and enough storage space to complete this task. After that, go to Google Play and look for the option “My apps and games” on the side menu.

A list of applications with available updates will appear; scroll until you locate “Anime Legion” and click “Update.” This will begin the automated download of the new version; wait for it to finish and then restart the app.


To update Legion Anime on iOS, open iTunes on your device and look for the tab “Updates” or “Upgrades” in the bottom right corner. Select Legion Anime from the list of applications to update by clicking on it. If it doesn’t show up, it’s because there isn’t a new version available.

Various other variations

Legion Anime is compatible with devices and operating systems other than iOS and Android. It does, however, need the installation of certain programs, such as PC emulators.


Legion Anime requires the installation of an Android emulator for PC before it can be installed on your laptop or desktop computer. This technology will enable you to bypass computer programming and utilize just Smartphone-specific apps.


To run Legion Anime on Linux, you’ll need an emulator that allows you install this and any other applications you choose, just like on Windows.


It needs the installation of a Mac OS compatible emulator, such as BlueStacks or Andy, which both adapt to your machine effortlessly.

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