LilyPichu Roasts Valorant

LilyPichu’s Valorous talents are to not be underestimated. However, the otherwise calm Twitch sensation could not help but take aim against a teammate who was constantly poking holes into her game.

LilyPichu quickly became one of Twitch’s most loved and popular steamers. As the creator of Genshin Impact’s Sayu, her infectious positivity and cute aesthetic has won her many fans. Her cuteness isn’t to be underestimated especially in relation to Riot Games Valorant.

Twitch’s star was joined by a Yoru player who became enraged at her Twitch stream. She couldn’t stop criticizing her game style during the series of Twitch games. Lily had the last laugh. The Yoru player continued to lament about his team’s performance on Split and blame them.

Sage from the team was constantly berating Yoru about not pushing as hard, and kept telling him to calm down.

Lily dismissed his complaints for the most part but eventually things came to an end. After a 1v1 win, the team’s stream princess finally gave in to his complaints.

Yoru, her teammate, is so witty that he could write a book. She joked that she listens to audiobooks while playing, which she thinks is completely crazy.

The streamer laughed at the Yoru’s alleged “dumbness” and said that voice narration was something he could do. He joked that it’s fun, saying that although he has many words, he doesn’t have much substance.

Yoru looked stunned when Lily dropped the “Ws” in chat. He remained relatively silent thereafter – likely because he is applying lots of Aloe Vera for that very, very painful burn.

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