Linus Tech Tips Gift To HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan Piker AKA ‘HasanAbi’ was trolled by YouTuber Linus Tech Tips, who sent him a new PC with a few features mocking the streamer’s political views.

Hasan has been anticipating a new computer from Linus Tech Tips with a few unique features saying that every time he boot it up, he get to listen to not just a little bit of, but the entire Soviet Union national anthem and Linus said on October 15th, hinting at some of the surprises Hasan should expect.

Hasan has now received the computer and discovered all of the amusing features Linus crammed into it. Last October 22nd, Hasan received the PC in the mail and booted it up live on Twitch. A password was required to log in to the computer.

He asked for the password and said “Do you want to eat the rich?” Then he was successful when he typed in “Eat The Rich.”

A video of the Communist Party’s flag and Hasan float around the screen shortly after entering the PC, with the Soviet Union’s State Anthem playing in the background. Linus also made a joke by removing the legs on the PC’s left side, effectively turning it into a “left-leaning” computer.

Hasan, thankfully, didn’t take the jokes too seriously and was able to laugh at the computer Linus built for him. The missing left legs seemed to drop the computer directly onto Hasan’s foot when he was setting up the computer on stream, causing severe pain.

Fortunately, the PC was unharmed, and Hasan was able to set it up without difficulty.

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