Logan Paul: KSI Punches Harder Than Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul was asked who was the harder hitter between KSI and Floyd Mayweather after their grueling eight-round exhibition bout, and his answer will surprise you.

In the span of a few years, Logan Paul has gone from attacking fellow YouTuber KSI to fighting legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Despite the fact that most boxing fans expected Mayweather to knock Paul out in the first round, Logan lasted the entire eight-round bout and put up a good fight, earning a draw.

And while Mayweather is considered as one of the best fighters of all time, Logan was asked how he compared to his previous opponent, KSI.

Logan Paul met with a familiar acquaintance TrueGeordie on the Pain Game podcast while doing errands in the UK. The two viewed some of the exhibition’s highlights again, this time providing some commentary.

TrueGeordie asked Logan later in the podcast who hits harder, KSI or Mayweather. And the YouTuber didn’t even pause to consider what he was going to say. He stated; “KSI for sure, for sure, not even a competition. Mayweather has clean shots, and I was like cool, good job. KSI, I was like keep me away from those hands”.

Following the fight between Logan and Floyd, several Boxing fans thought Mayweather allowed the fight to continue for more money, despite the fact that he allegedly could have dropped Logan multiple times throughout the fight. In the aftermath, though, the boxing legend disputed this.

KSI has a height and weight advantage over Floyd, and his punches were significantly more wild than Floyd, so that might explain things.

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