Logan Paul Takes A Break

Logan Paul might have to stop boxing because he may have broken his arm. He was seen in Berlin with an arm cast. This led to speculation about his future retirement.

Logan Paul has not fought since Floyd Mayweather’s June 2021 bout — or at least in a boxing match.

His charisma was evident at WWE SummerSlam, Friday Night SmackDown and has sparked speculation as to who he will face next.

After being seen in a cast, his “confirmed fight” may need to be delayed.

According to TMZ, Logan was seen waiting at Berlin Brandenburg Airport wearing a blue cast on the right arm.

He claimed that he was traveling to Iceland with his CryptoZoo project and was seen along with a stuffed penguin, a golden egg and another penguin.

The most important thing about his appearance is that he has a cast on, and it will likely take at least two weeks for the wounds to heal.

The doctors might advise the patient to stop fighting for a prolonged period of time if this happens.

It is unknown what caused it, how severe the injury was, and what time it will heal. Logan has not spoken about the incident, so speculation is allowed until Logan does.

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