Logic Shares Reason Behind Leaving The Internet

During a recent interview with ‘Pardon My Take’, Logic explained and shared the reason behind his decision to step away from the internet.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II known professionally as Logic, is an American rapper, record producer, and a Twitch streamer gaining more than half a million followers. The past few years have been a wild ride for Logic as he retired from music and signed a blockbuster Twitch deal. After this, however, Logic has largely disappeared from the internet which leads to people to wonder the reason for his disappearance.

Eventually, he has since returned to music but it seems like Logic still hasn’t fully returned to the social internet. He’s been active on a few platforms, including Twitch, where he participated in the PogChamps chess tournament and cosplayed as Dwight K. Schrute in a match against Rainn Wilson, but that seems to be the most of his internet activity.

Now, in an interview with Pardon My Take, Logic has answered his fans’ questions about his decision to step away from the internet and focus on his home life. During the interview, he touches on some of the more tragic parts of his internet experience, including people wishing ill on him and his family as he stated; “I don’t need people calling my nineteen month old son ugly and hoping that he dies.”

Logic reasons for stepping away from the internet are certainly valid. It is also easy to wonder about the timing as shortly after his short-lived retirement from music, Logic signed a “seven-figure deal” with Twitch and he has made over $8,000 an hour for the time he spent on the platform. That’s a pretty sweet deal for him.

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