Loserfruit Joins Team PWR

Kathleen Belsten (a content developer) has joined Team PWR. Last night, the 28-year old Australian announced her decision. Since 2013, Belsten is a well-known streamer and Internet personality.

As a Twitch player and YouTube video creator, it was natural that she would find an organization to represent. Belsten joined PWR (an esports organization based in Australia). Lachlan Power (a co-creator of content) has built a brand that features professional Fortnite players and various personalities.

Loserfruit could now be a member of Australia’s best esports team.

Yesterday’s announcement by PWR’s Twitter account was the latest. Loserfruit shared her streaming story and journey through Fortnite in a YouTube video. She expressed her gratitude for being part of Fortnite’s ICON Series which honors gaming icons and celebrities.

She and Lachlan both joined the ICON Series in June 2020 and November 2020. Belsten has more than 2.6 million Twitch subscribers and had over 1,000,000 subscribers in 2018.

“font-weight 400 I have known Kath since 2017, and it has been an inspiring experience to watch her become one of the most respected gamers in the world,” Lachlan stated on Twitter. She has chosen to join PWR. It’s an honor.

For Belsten, and her loyal fans, it’s an exciting time. PWR is Lachlan’s gaming business and one of the most rapidly-growing companies in the sector. They’ve reached 800,000 subscribers on YouTube in just one year. Lachlan has 14.7 million. We’ll be interested to see what Loserfruit x PWR have in store for future material.

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