Louiseyhannah Gameplay In Final Fantasy 7

One of the advantages of PC gaming over console gaming is the ability to customize the games to your liking. One modder went too far with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and even she recognizes that her FF7R Mod is cursed.

Twitch gamer louiseyhannah recently shared her gameplay with a modded version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, as spotted by Polygon. Hannah used the tweet to show off two hilarious but cursed mods who may have gone a little too far.

If you’re worried about getting a virus from watching a cursed video, we’ll just tell you what’s in it. You won’t have to watch the video because we have already done so. Cloud is seen in the video dressed as a princess (but still wielding his Buster Sword like a boss) and doing typical Cloud things like beating up Shinra soldiers and clashing swords with Sephiroth. Didn’t we just say Sephiroth? I was referring to Ronald McDonald. Yes, I’m referring to the McDonald’s clown. We’re not sure why anyone would mod the McDonald’s mascot on Sephiroth, but we have to admit that it’s pretty funny. After all, isn’t that what mods are for? All we ask is that everyone who downloads the mod receives a Happy Set.

Regrettably, mods may be required by players to resolve some game issues. Despite the excellent source material, the PC release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been rocky.

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