Ludwig And Trainwrecks Gambling Streams

With the gambling streams controversy on the platform has been growing even bigger, several streamers have been weighing in and now, twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has his say on the matter as he hits out Trainwrecks’ “degenerate” streams.

Many big-name streamers have taken part in the controversial sponsored gambling streams including twitch streamers xQc, Adin Ross, and Trainwrecks. We’ve seen these creators win and lose thousands or millions of money through their gambling streams or even off-stream. While trainwrecks have defended his streams to the criticism multiple times, he recently revealed that he lost over $2 million while playing gamble off stream. However, this is often not their own money but the companies.

Because of this, it has drawn a lot of criticism from both fans and streamers alike with streamers like Pokimane recently speaking out against these streams explaining how they might affect impressionable younger viewers. Now, twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has his say on the matter on his recent twitter post. In his tweet, he tagged Trainwrecks while asking whether he understands that the company pays him $1 million every month by doing gambling streams just because they receive a return from his viewers.

But then shortly after, Twitch streamer LosPollosTV has replied to Ludwig’s tweet comparing the situation to Ludwig’s Pokemon card opening streams and it seems like Ludwig wasn’t having any of it as he quickly replied stating; “The Pokemon Company did not give me $1 million to open cards. I’ll do ur homework for you because you didn’t — I did a sponsored poker stream that you were literally in.”

LosPollos then hits back saying if the Pokemon had offered him way more money, he would definitely accept. But Ludwig argued then that the poker stream was different because poker is a skill game but that getting paid to punt thousands of dollars in minutes with a slot machine which is zero skill game as he mentioned, is degenerate.



Twitch streamer TrainWreck revealed on Thursday that he is making “much more” than $1M USD a month off his deal with, the gambling site where he spends most of his streams playing high stakes casino games. The comment came in response to a user who claimed he is make $1M USD a month.03-Feb-2022

Trainwreckstv is estimated to make around $385k to $460k per annum, from his YouTube and Twitch channels.

Trainwreckstv currently earns money from sponsorships, Twitch subscribers and donations, YouTube revenue and his podcast “Scuffed Podcast.” As of late, he has been heavily promoting gambling websites, which are bound to pay large amounts of money.

Real Name Tyler Faraz “Trainwreckstv” Niknam
———————- ————————————————————-
Address Vancouver, Canada
Marital Status/Partner Kayla a.k.a felissetv
Source of Wealth Online content creation, sponsorships, donations, merchandise
Net Worth $1 million to $2 million

Despite the stigma attached to gambling streams, Trainwrecks has continued to build upon his niche. Surprisingly, it actually worked out for once. While playing a round of a gambling game during his livestream on Feb.14-Feb-2022


twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has said that sponsorships from gambling sites like are really just exploiting young viewers and that if the sponsor offered him more money, he would definitely accept. The Pokemon Company did not give me $1 million to open cards. I’ll do ur

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