Ludwig Breaks YouTube Contract

Ludwig Ahgren had difficulty transitioning into the next stage of his career. Three weeks ago, he switched to YouTube Gaming from Twitch. He’s experienced some bumps. Ludwig’s situation quickly deteriorated when he was subject to a series of copyright-related suspensions. Although he now has a greater understanding of YouTube Gaming’s rules and has apologized, the streamer broke his YouTube Gaming contract recently in an unintentional stream which made YouTubers laugh.

Ludwig arrived a little late to his YouTube stream scheduled for December 13. This prompted a number of messages from his chat. After he began streaming, he showed us a short clip on Twitch. The hilarious part of the video is when he realises that he has been on the wrong platform.

Ludwig and Slime recently streamed Smash Summit 12 simultaneously, which caused Ludwig to accidentally go live on his friend’s Twitch channel. Ludwig joked that the clip could be used in future lawsuits because Slime broke his YouTube Gaming agreement after displaying it on YouTube. His stream continued as normal, without any mention of his recent mishap. Ludwig mentioned a second issue that he is having with YouTube, but he wasn’t able to resolve yet.

Ludwig asserts that several of his VODs were taken down due to copyright concerns. Ludwig claimed that his December 12th streaming had been taken down several times due to copyright issues.

Ludwig stated that the biggest problem he will face is reacting/watching specific clips. This was exactly what happened to him when YouTube Gaming banned him multiple times.

YouTube creators are often plagued by copyright problems. PewDiePie and other content creators have recently criticised YouTube’s copyright policies. Ludwig wasn’t familiar with the rules at first, but now he knows what he can do and cannot.

Ludwig might have struggled to get started, but he seems to be improving his understanding of the rules. He just needs to make sure that he is on the correct platform for his streams.

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