Ludwig Fortnite Mondays Tournament

The Ludwig Mondays tournaments will be available soon. This is how it’ll work and why it’ll be so different from other Fortnite tournaments.

Ludwig has become known for launching major gaming events since breaking the record with his record-breaking Twitch sub-a-thon. Ludwig is launching a full series of events after a recent success with a content creator Fortnite event.

Ludwig Mondays is a Fortnite tournament series that will be held in the near future. It may surprise you to learn that all of these tournaments will take place on Mondays. It will also be a collaboration between Fortnite and the streamer, with the two joining forces for a series of events.

Epic takes a unique approach to tournaments; typically, there is a divide between official esports and community esports. These tournaments will all be Fortnite competitions, but they may get a little more creative.

The most recent Ludwig tournament included teams of content creators, but with a few twists. It was played in the ‘no build’ game mode, which is a significant departure from competitive Fortnite. The teams were also shuffled at the last minute, with one member being assigned to a team of strangers. Other minor rules were altered, such as everyone agreeing to stay away from the game’s tanks.

The Ludwig Mondays tournaments will be a collection of similar competitions. Each will feature Fortnite, but there may be significant differences in the rules. Because each will be unique, we can probably expect some unique rulesets throughout the series.

The Ludwig Mondays Fortnite events have been announced, but not all of the details have been released yet! Apart from the fact that they will take place on Mondays, we have yet to receive confirmation of when the tournaments will take place. The first will focus on a previously underappreciated segment of the Fortnite community: smaller creators. This will be people who have less than 1,000 viewers on a weekly basis. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover new Fortnite talent.

Because of the partnership with Epic Games, the Ludwig Mondays tournament has gained a lot of attention. Epic is the driving force behind Fortnite tournaments, and all official competition is usually held in-house. They don’t usually host streamer events like this, though. This time, Epic is footing the bill for the prize pool.

What is the justification for such a drastic change?

Ludwig’s no-build tournament was a big hit recently, attracting a lot of attention on Twitch and taking up many of the top streamers’ channels. It even managed to entice XQC away from his r/place raid on Reddit long enough to win the cup.

This tournament was one of the biggest for Fortnite esports in a long time, with a diverse cast of streamers and a fun ruleset. Many in the community assumed that this would lead to the Zero Builds Arena mode being added to the game. It has clearly demonstrated a desire for lighter tournaments such as Ludwig Mondays.

For fans, this new Fortnite tournament is a little different. If each of the events is as inventive as the ones announced so far, the Ludwig Mondays series is one to keep an eye on.



Ludwig Mondays Fortnite events will be available soon. They will be a collaboration between the streamer Ludwig and Epic Games, but the series will not have any rulesets like other tournaments. The first tournament is going to feature smaller content creators in an attempt to discover new talent.

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