Ludwig Hits Back At A Stream Viewer

Ludwig Ahgren recently responded to a troll comment on a stream that backfired after what he said accidentally roasted all of his viewers at the time.

It’s quite common for content creators to have to deal with trolls in their stream chat or YouTube comment sections as they grow in size and gain more viewers. Pokimane recently dealt with someone in her Twitch chat telling her to shut up, which she quickly responded to in style.

A user watching Ludwig on YouTube recently made a comment that the YouTube streamer didn’t appreciate, so he sarcastically clapped back. Unlike Pokimane Ludwig’s remark backfired, roasting each and every one of his viewers.

During Ludwig’s stream, a viewer left a troll comment saying that he was “low on views.”

Ludwig’s remark backfired when fans mentioned that they were also watching him on a Friday night, forcing him to respond.

While Ludwig’s original intent was to retaliate for Edmond’s rude remark, viewers clearly enjoyed his hilarious attempt to recover from his misplaced clap back.

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